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    Conversion Kritik

    What affs try to convert ISIS's culture? And since when was conversion the objective of the squo? Like, I'm pretty sure our drone strikes are trying to kill people, not to change their culture.
  2. How is this an impact card if it makes the uniqueness claim that collapse is inevitable?
  3. Are you only considering schools with policy debate programs? If you would be open to doing parliamentary debate, there are some very nationally competitive parli teams in the Pacific Northwest. For instance, the final round of last year's NPTE was between Lewis & Clark College and Whitman College. (Oregon and Washington respectively)
  4. Here ya go. Rare Earths Crisis Article.docx
  5. HAM


    How well are Irigaray's philosophies received in the debate community?
  6. Looking for a pretty remedial explanation of DnG/ access to some of their literature base. To narrow it down, I guess: Theories about smooth/striated space nomadism rhizome/becomings Any of the philosophers' primary assertions. I see DnG being discussed a lot, but don't feel like I have a solid enough understanding of the basics to even begin to understand their more complicated theories. Thanks!
  7. I stopped reading here
  8. My partner and I have used this argument successfully against warming affs quite a few times. http://www.cross-x.com/files/file/11191-adaptation-turn-price-cut/
  9. Could it be this? http://ojs.st-andrews.ac.uk/index.php/jtr/article/view/828/707
  10. It's probably used more in parliamentary debate than policy or LD. https://noobdebates.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/trichotomy-in-parliamentary-debate-fact-value-policy/
  11. Am I the only one having problems with using the new verbatim? Here are some of the things I am experiencing: Takes forever to open files Takes forever to close files Has severely slowed down my computer - especially Microsoft Word I am getting the spinning beach ball of death 90% of the time that I try to operate verbatim. Does anyone know how to fix this? Haha - in the time it took to write this, someone else had posted the same issues.
  12. HAM

    Song of the Day Thread

    Yep! He's in Community. He's also been in a couple episodes of 30Rock, and he does standup. This song is just his, though. Everything he releases under Childish Gambino is part of his independent rap career. Otherwise, he uses his real name (Donald Glover).
  13. HAM

    Book Request

    Forever? Monteiro-2014-Theory-of-Unipolar-Politics.pdf
  14. I found this from Harvard BS' cite page: Pettman K 1NC THE AFFIRMATIVE’S EMPHATIC DEPLOYMENT OF DRILLING AIMS AT A REPRESSION OF THEIR OWN SEXUAL IMPULSES BY CALLING ON THE BIG OTHER OF THE MARKET TO REGULATE IMPOSSIBLE GEOPOLITICS. EVISCERATES VALUE TO LIFE, CAUSES EXTINCTION Pettman ‘11 (Dominic, associate professor of culture and media at The New School, Human Error: Species-Being and Media Machines, p. 182-8) Not content with Utopian images of reconciliation or redemption, Lyotard thus talks of ^ AND to escape the terrifying duplicity of surfaces pervaded with pulsions" (256). OUR ALTERNATIVE IS TO TAP THE COLLECTIVE ASS WE HAVE TO BEGIN FROM THE MICROPOLITICAL QUESTION OF DESIRE IN ORDER TO REASSEMBLE A RHIZOMATIC DEMOCRACY Pettman ‘11 (Dominic, associate professor of culture and media at The New School, Human Error: Species-Being and Media Machines, p. 189-90) Later still, in another watershed year—1989—Guattari published The Three Ecologies AND be familiar to us, under the alternative name of "epiphylogenetic memory."
  15. Looking for several different files (using "several" kinda loosely). Have quite a bit to trade. K's: Normativity, Deleuze & Guattari (Theories on smooth/striated space or other variations of DnG- I already have the evazon file), Pretty much any variation of Fem; preferably EcoFem or NeoFem, but I'm still cool with straight-up Fem or Fem IR Impact Files: Spark/ Nuclear Malthus, DeDev Thanks!
  16. HAM

    Irony Round?

    Could it be this?
  17. Looking for a pretty comprehensive Schopenhauer K. Have plenty to trade - PM me.
  18. Can someone explain this binary aspect of autonomy? A quick google search doesn't bring up any results.
  19. Resolved: The United States ought to prioritize the pursuit of national security objectives above the digital privacy of its citizens.
  20. I am going to nationals and LD and was wondering if anyone knew what would happen on this topic? The popular arguments and any help you can give me. I obviously know the topic pertains to the NSA scandal, but does anyone know what will be popular or where to look for anything?
  21. HAM

    Floating PICs?

    Okay. Yeah, i do realize that it was distributism. Honestly, I can't tell you what exactly he read. I didn't pick up too much of the distributism evidence because the alt debate was super short and fairly muddled in the context of the round. They didn't actually extend much of it. I know that sounds wrong to say, but he didn't spend much time on the actual alt - he kinda used his whole rebuttal for the "my pik solves case" type of stuff. They were the bad team...
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