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  1. I debate on the high school level in Denver, and this just happened. There's a tournament (that i didn't sign up for prior to this) happening tomorrow. Article http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/active-shooter-situation-arapahoe-high-school-denver-police-article-1.1547140 Reactions? (Yeah I know, debate wasn't all of the motive, but it had to be some of it.)
  2. Anybody have cards against GTMO? Biopower and whatnot. Thanks
  3. So I understand the points Baudrillard makes pretty well, on Disney Land at least, but I can't find a way to structure the affirmative side of things. Can anybody give me just an outline of what it would look like? Also how do you framework this correctly so as a judge will vote for it? Because it's super not-topical. Thanks a bunch.
  4. I'm in my third year of debate and research is still a really nerve wracking experience because Google (even used correctly) is kinda hard to search for evidence on. How people make huge 300 page mega-files is beyond me. On the topic of files how is it exactly you go about evidence trading on this website? Any help is appreciated.
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