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  1. what about me clarifying an issue on a post makes me a troll? Everyone on this website is quick to throw around the label "troll" without actually having substantial proof to back up their argument.
  2. Are you confused about what an impact turn it, buddy? Or do you not know what Pat-ria-chy is?
  3. I think a Framework shell with an interpretation that calls for an instrumental defense of the USFG is a good interp.
  4. This. This exactly is the point that I am trying to make. I don't understand how teams that run Framework are seen as "unwilling to engage" or "lazy", when Framework half the times is a viable option. Feldsy explained my exact thoughts on this issue.
  5. I do apologize if my discourse was offensive or personally felt as isolating African American debaters. I don't, however, agree with your argument, Ethank. These teams should understand that if they choose to abandon a policy or not defend a hypothetical implementation of a plan, that they're going to hit generic strategies (i.e. state pic, "The pic", Cap, Anthro, F/W, Nietzsche). I don't think it's fair to say that straight up policy teams are personally called out because they want to access the Aff on a different level. *Now, here is another question for everyone that I don't want to be blown out of proportion." - When is it okay to impact turn Patriarchy? My belief is that it's acceptable only when the K is Fem IR, but a K more cenetered around post-modern feminism (i.e. Butler, Irigaray) shouldn't be impact turned.
  6. I'm not "hating", bro. I just wanted to know why these teams don't like when the opposing side only engages in their aff via Framework or generic K's like Anthro or Cap. You all know very well that there has been a disturbance in the college and high school level of debate because of this issue. Teams that choose to debate based on their self-identity expect the other team to have a counter advocacy and K em up, when F/W could be a viable option. Sorry that you all don't agree with my opinion, but I sure in hell won't say sorry for expressing my belief/thought.
  7. Pos rep to all in the lobby even though y'all neg repped me. And y'all wonder why there is such a division in debate. Thank you for personally secluding and isolating me from expressing my own opinion in a group that is supposed to make me feel secure.
  8. I don't want to sound like an old-fashioned person, but the resolution does call for action by the USFG for a reason. I personally think that kritikal teams should have an advocacy statement that uses the state, otherwise it defeats the primary purpose of POLICY debate. Take the final round of the NDT this year. It was a good policy debate round. While I agree that there are a lot of benefits to debating form a different perspective and style (Emporia, OU), I don't think that it's fair to say that negs can't engage the aff through F/W without being called "racist" or "privileged."
  9. I tried to express my opinions, but I appear to receive a lot of neg rep. Can someone please explain why y'all think that my opinion being expressed is worthy of -7 (and counting) neg rep? I haven't said anything that is offensive or detrimental to the continuation of the program, rather saying that I think it isn't fair that performance/poetry/narrative/aesthetics/kritikal teams get pissed when the neg engages their non-plan text aff through a F/W or Cap style. Would't the rest of the community agree that it's hard to garner offense on these types of aff? I just get sick of hearing these teams continually showing hatred towards teams that will go two off (i.e. F/W Cap, or F/W Anthro). Regardless, I am sorry if I offended anyone in the debate community through my discourse.
  10. Why do kritikal teams sometimes ignore the rez and think that it warrants an aff ballot? Seems pretty cheating to me, agree? Then they get mad when teams engage their aff through the lens of Framework, because it's the only way to effectively debate, unelss they want us to K em up with a generic Cap K.
  11. Also, I'm sorry if I'm a bit sassy tonight. It's been a long day. Don't take it personal, please. I'm usually not this sassy. I promise to have the speech up tomorrow, for sure.
  12. Relations 1) In what way do you think that your Meehan evidence is responsive to our defense on terrorism? Solvency 1) You kind of make a big concession when you say that there's a risk that US companies might not actually solve cleanups. 2) Where in your Gibson evidence do the warrants explicitly say that drilling will happen in the SQUO? Oil Prices Add-on 1) LOL wut. Why add a new Adv in the 2AC, man. Should of used more ink on the Counterplan (or, in this case, computer letters). 2) Your Bearden 2000 card says that Economic collapse ---> Extinction. Empirically, when the stock market crashed and hurt the econ in the 30;s, why didn't that trigger your impact? Topicality 1) How in the world do you think you meet our interp? 2) You say you solve our offense, but this is in terms of garnering specific link offense, not U/Q, right? Counterplan 1) Perm do the CP? How is this not severance? 2) I'm just going to flow dispo on the CP flow, so why does Dispo solve our offense? 3) Does your CDA 11 evidence (I guess both) fuction as a solvency deficit or a DA to the counterplan? 4) Is there any net ben to the perm? 5) Is Int'l fiat a reason to reject the arg or team? Disad 1) If we don't go for defense on the Taiwain scenario, does that mean we only win a risk of a taiwan war being sparked on the disad flow? 2) Your only repsonsive argumetn on the link debate is that China won't get pissed off. That's all? 3) Your Freidberg 05 card goes ham on dissing China and their inability to be stable especially w/ predictions. If we can't predict China's actions even within a short timeframe, how do we know that a triggered Taiwain-China war could happen on your first scenario on the Relations flow? 4) Do you have an offensive or defensive args on the impact debate? Sorry, just tl;dr in my situation right now. 5) ON the dispo flow, you say that condo forces you to sever out of plan text, but wouldn't dispo just create the same world? 6) Do you have an answer to our specific solvency advocate, do you functionally concede that China's tech solves back your offense better? K 1) F/W Why does Extinction come first? Actually, explain the significance of this argument in terms of your f/w (i.e is this just a framing card?) 2) How does case function as a disad to the alt? If we kick the alt and cross apply as a linear disad to the case does that moot all your offensive args on the alt flow? 3) Lol @ blippy, undeveloped theoretical objections. How in the hell is the alt vague? 4) Why weren't you more specific about how the world of the alt functions in CX? 5) Are vague alts a reason to reject team or arg? 6) I'll be honest, I haven't extensively read your Slomp or Hands evidence (first time reading this speech doc), so just explain them please. 7) Why does the world of the alt have to solve imperialism? Y'all talk about irrelevant shit in your cards and I don't hold you to the standard of solving for them. 8) When did I ever say that Imperialism was the R/C of your mpx? 9) Lol- Perm do alt is probs intrinsic. 10) So, your only answer to the free trade conceded link in CX is that you don't "mean to expand cap" but just coincidentally do so? 11) Does your "Cap sustainable" Seabra card just function as defense to our impact? 12) Lawls. How is cap K2 freedom? Aren't people dying and impoverished because of Capitalism? 13) You say that IN QUOTE" Just because its free trade doesn't mean we are expanding capitalism", but the warrants in the first sentence of your Bandow evidence says that " expanding FREE MARKET is a far more important factor." Why do you get to make the delineation between cap and free market, but then contradict yourself? 14) How does the alt= war? 15)
  13. I'm sorry. I had to attend a funeral and I couldn't be on yesterday or today. Can you give me 15 minutes to read your speech doc and ask CX? I'll try to write up a 2NC tonight, but in all likelihood it'll probably be tomorrow. My apologies, Trollanator.
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