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  1. DebateRSS supports an unlimited # of feeds, whereas IFTTT would require you to make a recipe for every feed (which would be tedious) - then use some third party app to save them somehow to your computer (Probably evernote or pocket). DebateRSS runs when you want it to, saves them directly onto your computer as .txt files, has built-in article verification, and organizes them by date. Overall, there is no advantage to IFTTT. DebateRSS is much easier and streamlines the workflow. With that being said, If you have a cool set-up with IFTTT I am interested to know how it works for you.
  2. It downloads the articles directly to your computer, making it NSDA compliant. It also allows you to select where you want to download the articles from, in the form of RSS feeds. The download link is down right now because of a problem with my payment mechanism, but you can check it out here: http://debatestrat.com/debaterss
  3. I like to promo the site any way I can, lol
  4. Got the same beef. Takes a lot out of a man to lose in quarters at MSU 1-2.. when only the quality judge votes for you. That's actually a horrible problem for BS debaters. We lose lay rounds, lol. Also, that was a prelims round, right? I LACK THE ENERGY TO KEEP THIS CONVERSATION GOING. You all should check out my forum doe http://debatestrat.com message me for a discount on my extemp program
  5. Sorry, all I heard was "damn the ecosphere." .... link 17
  6. An agrument could be made that monkeysphere is poop slinging, but that comment was more about how the average round goes. Monkey sphere is a "let's get fucked up" type argument. That's point 1. I'll refrain from making any more comments about Monkeys and their spheres, i feel like the cards are on the table. Monkeys out of the barrel, so to say. lol I have 2 questions in response to this. EDIT: I should really count my questions... 1. What shitty ideals are your speaking to? I think I agree with that statement, but I want to know more. 2. What am I waiting for around this time next year? I'll be gone.... Running non-tradtional arguments in our area in front of lay judges is a destructive practice that will most likely hurt the progression of MO debate, rather than help it grow. You send the wrong messages to parents, teachers, faculty, etc. I know you don't give a shit, that's cool. I get that. But take thatlay judge at BS for instance. Legit she will never judge again. Almost pulled her kid out of debate. After a long convo with our coach, it was established that those rounds aren't the norm. Being a troll has it's benifets... but confusing the shit out of lay judges isn't one of them. Sends the wrong message to the community. My advice, wait for the judging. Then let shit get weird with the right opponent. But really you are opening yourself up to satire bad.
  7. Don't get me wrong... I have no beef with any teams in our area. I just hate how we are isolated and irritated at the overall situation.
  8. I wasn't in the round so I am not going to speak on the subject further. AS FOR MONKEYSPHERE: As my great idol/savior Andre 3000 once said... Monkey Sphere has picked up ballots against lay-oriented teams, only picked up a ballot against a nat circuit team with a lay judge... If you are looking to your record as justification for the argument, I would say you don't have the most sound data to base those claims... Not saying 1 off anthro is a great strat either, but at least we have a solid record against quality competition. Also, I don't read Anthro to be a troll... It is a straight up K with common answers, unlike Monkeysphere (Which btw most debaters group with arguements like timecube and ashtar) which are run for the "shock and awe" factor against lower quality competition who freeze up in those rounds. Bottom line... Missouri debate contains 3 types of debaters. 1. Those who confuse quality debate with obscure, "Let's out-left them" debate. This includes the mentality of "I don't want to disclose because I don't want them to prep my arguments." Monkeysphere falls under this umbrella. 2. Those who are ignorant to the world of obscure Ks, nuance theory, and any other non-traditional debate techniques. Most of southern/eastern Missouri falls under this category. 3. Those who are aware how shitty things are in Missouri, and desperately want to debate at a higher level, beyond the shit slinging that occurs at most tournaments. Wonder why barstow never comes around local tournaments? Why Lincoln Prep don't give af when they drop a ballot to monkey sphere? Because it is expected under they lay-saturated circuits we debate in. Debate should be about substance and intellect. Not about showmanship. Or who can be the bigger troll...
  9. Diddo, except a panel of lay judges in quarters was unfortunate. I couldn't, in good faith, throw enough poop to win the round.
  10. You almost got DQed in the process of picking up that ballot. lol
  11. Lol, I love how BS never gets mentioned. Despite qualifying 2 teams last year in Show me. Maybe because we don't buddy-up with any other schools.
  12. I am just incredibly lazy in terms of extemp research. Haha. Just Kidding I made it because I saw the post on reddit and thought I could take a dfferent approach on that concept. This program indescriminately grabs ALL articles on an RSS feed (provided they meet quality standards set in the program). This is better because you don't have to know the topics to look for, you just have to know a few news sources you want to mine. This is the only program I know that does this sort of 'click and forget' type research. Whereas programs like extemp engine require you to still search for topics.
  13. Check it out here: http://debatestrat.com/debaterss I would post the info directly here, but I change the page occasionally and I don't want conflicting info circling around. There is a video of the mac version- (This is version 1.0, 1.1 has since been released and is much faster) https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1421782837&x-yt-cl=84359240&v=_JhHk4pGL2A It does cost $5 but only 1 team member needs to use it for each team. $5... No extemp research from now on... Is that reasonable? I mean cross-x will gouge you $10 for ptx updates.... for 1 week, lol Additionally, this is functionally 100% different than the idea discussed here: http://redd.it/2qhv6n Whereas this program is more of a "Click and forget" Type program, and that idea is based on a Google search method. Both have their pros and cons. Supports both Mac and Windows. v1.1 was just released: http://debatestrat.com/discussion/76/debaterss-version-1-1-released#latest
  14. I agree to an extent. If the 1AC lacks a inherency contention then an argument for presumption can be made. Would say that you have to assume the SQ is sane and sensible w/o a strict inherent barrier. I'm sure you can cut a card from a old school debate handbook about inherent barriers and their difference. Most people don't give a shit about inherency tho, like you said.
  15. Yes they would have to have python installed in order for the script to run. Unless you pipe it through a compiler that runs it as a batch file or a vbs script. If you look up py2exe you can find instructions to compile python files for any machine. Sorry, just wanted to chime in. I would set a reasonable limit on the number of files this script spits out... You could easily crash a less-powerful computer with a loop that isn't properly handled. The creation of this script walks the line of whether it is ethical or not, but crashing their computer is kinda screwed up.
  16. Someone should look into messaging philosophy bro to write some stuff about Baudrillard
  17. http://debatestrat.com/discussion/22/how-to-fix-word-when-verbatim-encounters-a-compile-error#latest I can post some instructions to create a virtual machine if you have a semi-powerful computer if there is a need. I debate with a mac, and utilize verbatim without much problem. I cycle through docs with command + "~"
  18. I can get you some VTS level stuff. There isn't a lot of USFG key lit which makes it susceptable to a Russia CP
  19. UMKC's alt was transcorpreality. Other alts are things like deep ecology. Why read 2 seperate Ks? You spread yourself thin on the flow. Opens you up to the 1A going hard on FW and possible alt vagueness. I would stick with one and read links on the advantages and condense later in the debate.
  20. What cards? Are you refering to a inherency shell (presumption)?
  21. I like this (synergy), pretty intuitive. I am going for a simple framework right now, Nothing more than the basic formatting (Pockets, hat, block, etc) for the first go-around. I understand the restrictions of Google Docs (Lacking doc map, saving to flashdrive, etc). To me, it is worth the time investment. If it doesn't work out, no biggie. But gonna give it my best shot. Best wishes for your site.
  22. Yes it will be an Add-on. The Beta release will have specific instructions for the install. You will be able to customize your font like any other document, the add-on should only edit your formating (i.e. document map, size, etc). If you input your email on the launch site, you will receive a email with the beta install instructions upon the launch date.
  23. Here is a link to the launch page; http://launch.debatestrat.com Enter your email to follow the progress!
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