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  1. Depending on how frequent or infrequent, I would recommend making it a habit to mention it before the round starts. That way it’s a nonissue (most likely). Posting it on your wiki page is also something I’ve seen debaters do with medical conditions that can be relevant to a round. Worst case scenario if you have anything medically official to “produce” you would have hard defense/offensive turn on a reps k.
  2. OutKantTheKant offered some really helpful insight - so I also upvoted. I like the idea of finding a card focusing on the warrants, because in my mind this card speaks of a very specific artistic instance. Whereas, as a team who cares about the public good -- are we supposed to ignore the exploration of improving immigration policy? My thoughts reading the card is that you'll need to be prepared to answer the racial integration of movements in the past (white civil rights protesters in the 1960's for example). I would also be weary of saying that the example from the African American community here is universally applicable to all other social groups. The K could be reversed by arguing why ____group (probably an ethnic immigrant group) should be viewed as distinct from African Americans and why it's inappropriate to make such a sweeping generalization. Additionally, I would include some kind of warrant that highlights even though the case is written with good intentions, because of the inability to relate to the suffering of ____group means that the evidence cannot be properly evaluated as accurate and true. Supplementing your public backlash with a misrepresentation warrant. This would be in support of your broader turn. In the context of your card as it is, the painting of Emmitt Till could be an accurate one -- it's just not appropriate that a white artist is profiting and portraying this event. The misrepresentation warrant would eliminate that possibility of accuracy.
  3. Fundamentals to this topic that I think every person should be looking at are: Federalism and States Rights/Powers Betsy DeVos/Department of Education statements Understanding historic supreme court cases regarding education Current and proposed educational policy and legislation in congress
  4. How much do you already understand the rules of the format? That will help me provide a more in depth response. Also, I would be available to help watch practice rounds if you have them here to help give pointers.
  5. I would recommend on reading everything DeVos related and getting a strong understanding of her stance and agenda moving forward. There will be A LOT of political DA's I imagine generated on her positions and or cases around her ideas that congress may block etc. Overall, I think she will be one of the most pivotal pieces in that game of debate next year.
  6. Open evidence keeps uploads periodically. The first of which should start towards the end of August/beginning of September and continue for the next month or so. Last year I hastily downloaded them all as soon as I could - only to find a month later there was roughly 50 files I didn't have in my folders. If you're eager to get a jump start, check open ev last year and then go to those schools/camps websites and see if they have already published files on their pages.
  7. Potential DA's Spending/Debt! (Laughing but serious) Japan relations has the potential to be thing North Korea relations is also probably plausible. Human rights DA is a direction that the neg could go.
  8. I mean we could always elect a independent for the first time in like 50 years or who knows the green party could make a splash. I do believe Vermin supreme is still gaining support despite being absent from televised debates.
  9. Thats correct, its World Schools Debate, they are high schoolers who submit applications from all over the country. They still compete for their normal high school events as well as the international WSD style. The debates are about prior knowledge, general information, logic and reason. Evidence is not read, its a completely different format from what we understand debate to be in the US. The debaters on team USA are phenomenal at it as well as their normal events. The LD champ at nats this past summer is on the team. I competed in world schools at nationals, and it is by far the coolest style of debate I have ever done.
  10. I have a verbal communication presentation soon, this is actually really helpful!
  11. Ospec says they've specified too much and thus have spiked out of neg ground... If they specify that they arent USFG, then you would run a framework/T arg not an ospec shell. Also, Ospec for fun (IE: not an actual round) or understanding the arg is fine but T-substantial has more offense against tiny specific affs than ospec does.
  12. It all depends on your circuit how important it will be if they agree or disagree in terms of being competitive. In terms of the real world, everything is progressively becoming more gender neutral. Several of my professors make a point to be gender neutral and if a student makes an assumption, they will be questioned on their assumption. I would say that gender neutrality in and of itself is something that is becoming more important in the regular world. In terms of your team, as long as your partner and you are on the same page... well that's what you really need to worry about. It also depends on what they are refusing to filter, some words and claims are much easier to catch or make a link to. If your teammates have faced a gendered language K and want to see more of them then by all means, ignore gender neutrality. But I agree with you that I do not really see the point of providing the opponent with an unnecessary link into the debate. Your circuit is also a big factor, if you're in a heavy K circuit and there's a lot of teams that go for gendered language then your teammates will learn soon enough how frustrating it is that you lost a round because of the word "human" when "humyn" would of delinked you. Also, I debated from a rather lay circuit, so i'm by no means a qualified expert on this topic.
  13. http://www.debatecoaches.org/resources/open-evidence-project/ Thats the main page for selecting the year you want. It goes to the 2010-11 topic. Planetdebate.com you can go even further back for files. If you want something specific we might be able to help, but just a bulk backfiles folder would be massively huge, so you'd need dropbox or google drive or the cloud etc.
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