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    @Pandabur: I knew that. Please stop replying if you're not going to answer my question.
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    DA Evidence

    Hi, So I'm writing a neg to an aff for state that basically promotes ocean based STEM education and I'm having a little trouble finding evidence for 2 of the off case positions I'm thinking of reading that I think would be particularly effective, which are a Wage Competition and a Foreign Nationals Turn. The Wage DA is basically that the 1ac needs to employ more skilled professionals to teach its increase in STEM programs, which actually takes them away from the labor market for green-businesses and the link. I have UQ for wage inflation low now but I just need that link ev. For the foreign nationals, I haven't been able to find a card that says STEM will prevent foreign nationals from getting visas because employers won't be able to prove that there aren't equivalently skilled US workers and evidence that these visa programs are key to transnational cooperation. I've searched for this but can't find any specifically relevant articles. I'd appreciate any help!
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a Process K and some other stuff to run against an interesting Cthulu aff that will be at state, which basically affirms finding Cthulu but then goes on to say Lovecraft is the hero of OOO and says that's crucial to change politics and all, so other stuff would be nice. I have a homecut D&G file (extensively blocked) and a bunch of other stuff to trade.
  4. I just saw this; can I still join? My email's Daniel.Bashir@pcds.org
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