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    Hi i'm savannah! I'm captain of my school's Debate team, 3rd year, UIL state qualifier :)
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  1. rednecgirl

    UIL State - 5A

    lul, you made it to finals and you're asking about competition. son, ya don't ask about peoples flows on cross x, cause we're all on here. lol
  2. rednecgirl

    UIL State 2015

    any predictions? i broke
  3. rednecgirl

    Hand-Cut Aff for Trade

    Sure Rain. Ain't nothin like too much impact D.
  4. rednecgirl

    Hand-Cut Aff for Trade

    Hand-cut aff for trade. Masterfile is 200 pages. My partner and I compete in the toughest circuits in our state and we have never lost on aff. We are looking for lots of unique, handmade DA's and CP's. No K stuff or case negs. More unique DA's the better. Message me if you're curious about the aff, and tell me where you're from and i'll tell you. As you can imagine, it must be pretty good if i'm this hesitant about saying it. You can't find it anywhere, I spent 3 months handcreating and cutting every card.
  5. rednecgirl

    Unique Affs

    I have a handmade 1AC that i spent all of my summer creating. No one else has it, and i've never lost with it.