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  1. I attached the 1ac but i need help with a neg strat 1ac b.docx
  2. Where can i find topicality and framework that can be generic to answer performance affs. Or in the matter anything that can answer performance afffs,
  3. Where can i find camp files on the oceans topic
  4. Read a in between every word Read backwards Read forwards @ a normal pace Read read as fast as you can
  5. What is the Fantasy K and where can i find it
  6. Where can i find a piracy DA or a DA similar to it
  7. How do you get a 30 in speaker points
  8. I need help finding evidence to answer the following affirmatives: North American Union Trans Pacific Partnership Marijuana A preview of each case is posted. Previewst4.docx
  9. What evidence is it out there that says Critical Affirmatives are bad
  10. I Need help answering this case and what arguments to run. Below is the preview the school submitted. Case Name: Ellul Critique Exact Plan Text: That the USFG should substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela. We’re going to Affirm the resolution but argue that engagement requires a transformation of a current state of affairs in relationships. Following Jaques Ellul’s Christian Anarchy argument, we argue transformation means the kind of thing called for when Jesus turn water into wine at the marriage of Cana. The current state of affairs is dominated by what Ellul would call La Techinique (or just Technique). He defines Technique as “the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given stage of development) in every field of human activity.†In short, it’s “the establishment.†(Personal comment: it goes beyond “things technical†or machines. It’s really an attitude or a “way of being.â€) We’re going to “Heideggerize†it a bit as well by relying on his work in Part 1 of Being and Time by arguing at technique as way of being is a set of embodied practices (and that’s how it takes over people). Harm Areas (with explanation): Technique dominates every aspect of our lives Technique Dehumanizes through Privileging calculative thinking/experts bad Turns world into standing reserve (including language) Creates politicization paradox: everything has to be politicized but this creates the end of politics b/c it will be overrun by Technique/politics becomes an illusion -No politics b/c no one responsible -No control -No end -Participation becomes a myth 2013/2014 Chicago Debate League Affirmative Case Previewing, p.2 Solvency Mechanisms: Individual responsibility/circumventing technique Return of politics/elimination of politicization/no politics paradox Restores humanity through authentic understanding of engagement 1AC Cite List: Jacques Ellul Books The Technological Society, The Political Illusion, Propaganda. Ellul Article in JSTOR: Ideas of Technology. The Technological Order. In Technology and Culture 1962. Martin Heidegger book: Being and Time.(1962) Macquarrie and Robinson Tr. Heidegger book: (1975). The Basic Problems of Phenomenology. Albert Hofstadter Tr. Heidegger book Basic Writings (2008) : (esp. chapter on Way to Language; Question Concerning Technology. ) Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience.
  11. I need something spectacular to do this year, II heard of these debates where they like sin a song or something like that. I want to do somethin unexpected. So i need examples and A LOT of help
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