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  1. Hey, I'm a simple college student who misses debate. I did quite a bit of LD, PF, and CX. Nostalgia kicks in after a year and now I'm judging debate tournaments periodically. My last year of debate camp had us study the topic (something to the effect of): "Resolved: Privacy ought to be prioritized over governmental surveillance." However, seeing as I had to leave debate, I ended up deleting all of my cards, blocks, etc. Anyways, I've been given a research paper that I can write on either drone surveillance or cell/internet surveillance, and was wondering if I could use a couple of files. I highly appreciate the help!
  2. I've run a Coercion K for the two shelved LD topics and I was wondering if anyone else has ever hit one.
  3. Well, if you're inside the box, I suggest you develop x-ray vision. Otherwise, just check the wiki: http://hsld.debatecoaches.org/bin/view/Main/
  4. I have a Heidegger K-Aff I'm willing to give. Message me It has affirming evidence, Heidegger shell dissing resource extraction and promoting meditative approach to environmental protection, then an agency spike.
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