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  1. how about a nazi grey face no space
  2. I'm confused what you are saying--yes the politics disad links to most affirmatives. Why is that bad? I'd say if anything it is good because it allows negatives to have a generic strategy that they can always have ready. Besides, if you Why are they so outrageous? And even if they are, shouldn't it be easy to beat them?
  3. ^^^^^^ in addition to this read whatever framework shell you read+a science literacy standard, and use that to turn their education args cite if ppl need it
  4. Zuul

    Crazy K?

    the capitalism kritik. me and my partner like things on the wild side
  5. holla i.e china coal vs. environmental justice offshore wind
  6. Not really sure this is a winning strategy. Read a disad to methane extraction--causes methane blowouts.
  7. If I know the aff OP is talking about it is solved by the eu cp.
  8. tbh disease reps bad isnt even the best arg against that aff by a longshot. just read an international cp with a datasharing plank (i.e The European Union should [plan] and agree to share all data as a result of the project.
  9. boner break hastert rule republicans get mad boner shut down congress to make republicans less mad economy sad everyone die
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