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  1. Just to have it on here: 6A 4 Speaker 1st: Blue Valley 2nd: Manhattan 3rd: Lawrence 2 Speaker 1st: SME 2nd: BVN 3rd: WEast, ONW 5A 4 Speaker 1st: BVSW 2nd: Emporia 3rd: Shawnee Heights 2 Speaker 1st: BVSW 2nd: Shawnee Heights 3rd: BVSW, BVSW BVSW is the 2nd school in 5A history to win 2 Speaker and 4 Speaker state in the same year
  2. politicsdebater


    Hello all, I was wondering if everybody could post their regional teams for the upcoming tournament here. I might seem stupid if there is a posting somewhere else about this but nevertheless I would appreciate it. Thank you very much
  3. Did you get the day Parker?
  4. I know but I still want to know the date
  5. not limited to a SME debater of course
  6. Thanks! If a SME debater could get on here and give the specific date of that tourney that would be great!
  7. This has probably been answered on some forum so I will look like a noob, but can anybody provide an official list of the DCI tournaments for this year? Also, I would like to know when the Shawnee Mission East tournament is as I do not believe it has a bid this year. Thanks
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