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    Thanks, that helped! Another question: how do I give the 1AR? Am I supposed to have extensions / blocks typed up before the debate? Do I type everything up during prep time? When I see varsity debaters give 1ARs (and 2ACs) when they're extending evidence they're not even reading off anything, just looking on the flow to do the line by line and thinking of everything they say right then. It just boggles my mind that they're spreading and coming up with everything off the top of their head faster than I can spread while I'm reading off something - how does the brain even process thoughts that fast, lol. I'm not quite there yet, but any tips on how to learn to do this? I know a big part of it is just knowing your evidence really well, but anything else that can help me learn? Thanks
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    What do I say in the 2NR? I don't know what to talk about. For CP and DA, I give an overview and do the line by line, and I always end up with extra time, and when I take case I just go down the line by line. What else should I be doing? Thanks
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