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  1. I knew I wasn't going to be able to win on the solvency advocate, because I really didn't have any cards on my mandates, so that was a good job on Lenny's part to go for what he knew was his best option. He did REALLY well. My question is why you through out that the K flow was an easy win? I thought coming out of the 1ar it was pretty even or even somewhat in my favor with the impact turns and inevitability claims? Thanks for judging
  2. Sweet debate Lenny, I enjoyed it very much. Lol even though I was expecting Agamben, hopefully this still worked. 2AR http://www.mediafire.com/view/ua177kp1mrakh7f/2ar_Lenny.docx
  3. Lol Plot-TWIST totally thought it was going to be Agamben. 2ar will be up tonight.
  4. No its alright. lol its -Case (warming, heg) -Theory -Agamben K 1AR http://www.mediafire.com/view/iiowwltwvi2h82t/1ar_Lenny.docx
  5. Just got here. I will have something up within the next hour. Grady may just keep his username
  6. Lol, true I guess I will live with it. Sorry I am having to drive to Maryland from Ohio, but don't worry it'll be up by 9 (ETA of getting there) and we will def finish this by fri. This is getting good.
  7. I really am pissed about my username was made yolo cuz i forgot my password - HOW DO I CHANGE THIS 1ar will be up tomorrow before 6pm
  8. OHHH lol I thought you were mad at me for summing, I was so confused
  9. na, i don't have any ?s so I'm good with 1nr
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