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  1. I knew I wasn't going to be able to win on the solvency advocate, because I really didn't have any cards on my mandates, so that was a good job on Lenny's part to go for what he knew was his best option. He did REALLY well. My question is why you through out that the K flow was an easy win? I thought coming out of the 1ar it was pretty even or even somewhat in my favor with the impact turns and inevitability claims? Thanks for judging
  2. Im going to plus too. What school/year are you
  3. Sweet debate Lenny, I enjoyed it very much. Lol even though I was expecting Agamben, hopefully this still worked. 2AR http://www.mediafire.com/view/ua177kp1mrakh7f/2ar_Lenny.docx
  4. Lol Plot-TWIST totally thought it was going to be Agamben. 2ar will be up tonight.
  5. No its alright. lol its -Case (warming, heg) -Theory -Agamben K 1AR http://www.mediafire.com/view/iiowwltwvi2h82t/1ar_Lenny.docx
  6. Just got here. I will have something up within the next hour. Grady may just keep his username
  7. Lol, true I guess I will live with it. Sorry I am having to drive to Maryland from Ohio, but don't worry it'll be up by 9 (ETA of getting there) and we will def finish this by fri. This is getting good.
  8. I really am pissed about my username was made yolo cuz i forgot my password - HOW DO I CHANGE THIS 1ar will be up tomorrow before 6pm
  9. yolo

    Hatter (Aff) vs. ?

    OHHH lol I thought you were mad at me for summing, I was so confused
  10. na, i don't have any ?s so I'm good with 1nr
  11. yolo

    Hatter (Aff) vs. ?

    What do you mean?