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  1. I'm trying to get a beg strat together for this year. I like neg arguments that are always applicable no matter to the case area. 

    My partner and I have been thinking of an argument like this "Oceans are shared international territory and the U.S. cannot explore or develop them by itself, international cooperation is necessary"  Would this be best run as a K or CP?

    What is your neg strat?

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  2. A few starter CX questions:  


    1.Do your CPs compete against each other?

    2. What is the net benifit of your cps weighted against eachother, and then weighted agaisnt my plan?

    3. Does your DA also apply to your CPs? 

    4. What does the U.S. have in terms of earthworms?

    : and finally I'm sorry SpaceHack but it turns out I will be able to attend Camp next week after all and I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to finish CX and/or my 2AC. Camp ends next Saturday though, so I'll be sure to have it up at least around then.

  3. 1. The actions of Politicians don't necessarily reflect the wishes of the citizens, especially when politicians are constantly worrying over reelections.  It's also hard for United States politicians to negotiate with a repeatedly hostile country such as Cuba. For example in 1996 Castro's millitary shot down 2 American Civilian aircraft, killing four.


    2. Bio-diversity- When an Oil spill happens in joint US-Cuban waters both the US and Cuba need to have access to the best recourses to save marine wildlife and preseve Bio-diveristy  
    Scientific Comunity-  Cuba scientfically excells in Disaster prevention, vacination, mitigation and other areas of scientic study that would be of much intrest to the U.S to gain/share information on and the U.S. has numerous areas of scince it would love to share with Cuba.
    Terrorism- Iranian-based Terrorist groups and comunist-based terrorist groups that target the U.S. are gaining a strong foot hold in Latin America, ending the embargo would clear pathways to decrease and be rid of said terrorist groups in Latin America.

    Relations with Latin America and other countires: The embargo is causesing a rift in the U.S's relations with other countires  and seen in my Birns evidence with the Summit of America's unaimous choice to want Cuba to participate in the next summit and the U.N overwhelmingly voting against the embargo.


    3. Terrorists in Latin America, if left alone by the US to escalate to that point, have a definate chance of firring a Missile at Moscow or Isreal because if these countries were hit it would cause definate retaliation based off of their policies. In the retalions and back and forth that would follow the U.S would definately be damaged.

    4. "As a Start" in order to fully benift the scintfic comunity the full embargo needs to be lifted so public and private scintific establishment, so both can engage in buying/selling of technology and send   scientists to leasrn from each respective comunity.


    5. Only the plan can cause the status quo being lifted in suffcient time, to prevent terrorists from becoming too firmly rooted in Latin america for revoval. It also is harmfull to the procession of the scintific comunity to prevent progress in that field for any length of time,  which ultimatley could  be damaging to the entire human race.

  4. You could do a few things with a gitmo aff:

    1) Ironic Interpretation of the resolution and justify opening a new guantanamo bay. Of course this will tie into the racism of governmental policies

    2) Justify the fact that closing guantanamo bay is economic engagement because guantanamo bay costing more money and being a heavy financial burden on Cuba.

    3) Genealogy on the human rights abuses that go on at guantanamo bay


    These are just some basic ideas that came to me immediately but they are all do-able

     I'm a first year Varsity this upcoming season, can you please go more into how the Guantanamo bay case can be interpreteted as topical? 

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