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    I have a psychoanalysis k. PM me, your inbox is full..
  2. So how would you use the song? What would the argument be?
  3. Yeah like I said, I was never planning on reading the aff bc i simply dont have the depth of understanding required to execute the aff. I was just genuinely interested in the topic of afrooptimism and i really like this song and though it could possibly have strong implications for an aff. I created the topic so I can cede over the idea to someone who does have the capacity to debate this. Other than that, I really just wanted to learn more.
  4. Okay, so I'll just start off by saying, I dont know much about kritikal affs and have never done a performance aff or anything. What Im suggesting, I probably will never do and I dont see how this could offend someone, but if it does truly didnt mean it. Anyways, I was just wondering if the song "All Black Everything" by Lupe Fiasco could somehow be used for an aff. Im not entirely sure how, but maybe something for afro-optism and utopia. I mean what I got from the song is what life could be like without slavery and just racism in general. Sorry if this sounds like a jumbled mess. I kinda have a small idea but no idea how to relay it. Hopefully this could be the breeding groups of some creative discussion at the least!
  5. Tidal energy, Algae, OTEC, Oil Drilling, and Ocean Mining
  6. Just two short follow up questions. 5. Okay so your answer tells me what you are not doing with your plan, but it still doesnt answer my question of what sustainable farming is? And so you concede that you dont solve for the other factors of deforestation directly through your aff?
  7. Inherency 1. What is the brink for your impacts? 2. Your Conservation International 2011 card indicates agriculture is only 41.8% of the problem (of which cattle ranching is only a subsection). Wouldnt the remaining 58.2% of deforestation from infrastructure, logging, mining and social conflicts still trigger the impacts? 3. Butler 12 states "cattle pasture isn't limited to Brazil — in the 1970s and early 1980s vast tracts of rainforest in Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador " How do you solve for these other countries, especially Brazil (since the majority of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil)? 4. Toohey 12 only talks about Brazil. How does it apply to the case? Plan 5. So what is exactly sustainable cattle ranching? How do you achieve it and how much better is it opposed to the squo? 6. Cost? 7. How is this economic engagement? 8. Who is doing the plan (US or Venezuela)? Solvency 9. Where does it say anything in the Veiga, Tourrand, Poccard-Chapuis, Piketty 3 card that the us investment is key to create a national program? 10. Solvency advocate? 11. Any evidence actually saying plan solves and how it works? 12. Why are the cattles being grazed? 13. How much of Venezuela's economy depends on the cattles? 14. AFP 2/21 just says that Maduro wants "high-level dialogue". How does this translate to him cooperating with the US on the plan? What makes this instance different from other times where he said he was open to talks and then kicked out american embassadors? Adv. 1 15. Butler 7 says that the areas that are best for co2 sequestration are the ones with the most biomass, which typically have "low ag potential" and are inaccessible. How does cattle ranching affect these areas, if they arent even being used? 16. McCarthy 09 says that a 40% loss of the Amazon rainforest will be irreversible. Is there even risk of this considering that only 5% of the Amazon rainforest is in Venezuela? Adv. 2 17. Butler 6 says that goldminers are the biggest threat to the areas in the Amazon with the most bio-d. How do you solve for that? 18. Toohey 12 talks about the indigenous people in brazil. How do you solve for them? General 19. Whats the over arching point of this aff?
  8. What is the best politics disad to run as of now?
  9. Oh yeah I did the same thing in my round vs. avothe. I accidentally put a water shortage war impact, it really shouldnt be there. Pretend like that doesnt exist.
  10. I dont mind the criticism, but id prefer if you just kept it on the hold till after the round, or atleast the 1ac. Good stuff though. I knew there were going to be mistakes because this is my first time running an impact framing contention on this aff, but w.e.
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