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  1. Heidegger won't work. A-life is an impact turn to Heidegger. I've seen this K before. It's basically a giant impact turn to Heidegger. Also, I wouldn't advice reading eco-managment based on how shady the link debate would be. I would also argue against reading cap, becasue their last card is about how they solve scarcity, which is how capital gains its value. (ie bread is worth a certain amount because there is only so much. the aff would defend that a-life creates an infinite amount making the value of bread equal zero). And Zimmerman writes a ton about how capitalism is necessary for peaceful a-life. Only a risk the alt "destroys the universe" I would advise either an impact turn to the destruction of the universe, kinda like what SubcomandanteMarcos was saying OR (because they are trying to solve for the destruction of the universe) i would just read cards on why that's inevitable anyways. Then just read perhaps Nietzsche and about how they are trying to stop some inevitable crisis is ressentiment, which is probably the root cause of why the cylons want to kill us anyways. Assuming that cylons think like humans, then ressentiment would be the root cause of the "destruction of the universe". Worst comes to worst, just read impact turns to nanotech/a-life and then debate the whole quantum science/ k of squo science stuff ( which was explained above by Choas)
  2. A major problem with managerialism as an aff is the lack of a solvency advocate for the aff. The McWhorter evidence is usually used as the alt on the k, the problem is that she advocates doing nothing. This might get in the way of the word "Resolved". However, you should focus this aff on kritiking the ontology of the rez. You should try to find an awesome card that talks about how nations understand the ocean as a giant "standing reserve". If you find this card, then you can kritik the rez by saying that ocean policies are grounding in this violent ontology and voting affirmative allows for better, non-managerial policies that don't link to this particular aff. Thus being good. However, writing a plan text for this aff will be difficult and unnecessary. You should focus your research on finding this card and then creating a solid "story" for the aff. Try to include some actually material impacts that are simply ontological. This aff is plausible but will require some dense research. If you can pull this off then it will be an awesome aff.
  3. i'm actually really liking this too. would it be cool if i could just get some cites/generic starter file? not trying to sound like a leach here....
  4. What type of Managerialism? Because there of course is the Luke evidence which kritiks the management of the environment, but there is also the McWhorter/Spanos type argument about hegemony.
  5. Hey can anyone help me find a card that talks about how the ocean is viewed as a standing reserve. I just need something that uses a Heideggerian perspective on the oceans really. Thanks.
  6. I agree. I love running Nietzsche and I agree there are certain ways to run the arguments and not run the argument. Just running your "generic suffering is inevitable" can be a hard sell for a lot of judges. That's why to become good at Nietzsche you shouldn't run 1nc's that are concerned about suffering and what not because a. Judges don't like that type of debate and b. you should always run Nietzsche as a good impact turn / security k. The best way to win Nietzsche is to bring the debate nexus on whether value to life comes before the plan (which includes saving life and all the advantages) Ultimately to become good at running Nietzsche, you have to run Nietzsche. One more thing, you should read Nietzsche, he's not that hard to understand and his writing style is actually quite good.
  7. I was doing some research on the Fukushima power plan explosion and I think it would be basically the topic. The plan would basically be this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/williampentland/2013/08/07/tepco-erecting-first-of-its-kind-water-shielding-wall-to-stanch-radioactive-spill-into-sea/ Considering that this radiation is killiong/destroying the animals in the pacific such as makeral, cod, and even killer whales. This aff could solve these impacts. Good idea? Bad idea?
  8. Yeah but the smell of weed came from the third and fourth floor some other day too. Yeah the third floor was the only one to get checked by the RA's and the fourth floor is another camp that was probably smoking.
  9. The johnson evidence is the one that Emporia State sayed was "on fire" in the 2AR at the NDT finals. Yeah the fire alarm got pulled at 12:35
  10. So apparently the Johnson evidence is on fire, because the entire SDI camp just had to get out of the building because of the fire alarm
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