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  1. Mainly arctic mapping and forward osmosis desal
  2. Hey! As our seasons nears the end, my partner and I have been looking for the best evidence and strats for these last important tournaments. Anyway, we were wondering what counter plans have worked the best throughout the seasons. Thanks!
  3. Anyone have anything good for inherency for this case? Or any defense against recycling ? Thanks guys!
  4. My partner and I have been looking into this case. It worked very well for last years case, however, we are running into the problem of inherency. Do you guys have any suggestions on places in which we could find better evidence for this?
  5. When Making impact cards... We feel like we should all invest in bacon..
  6. http://www.vamos.org.mx/ just for the poverty charts at the bottom..
    1. TheRealPolicyDebater


      This makes me think of implementing

      High Speed Rail in Mexico; however, it would be way too predictable.


  7. I often find myself speaking much faster then necessary. Whenever I have to give a speech for a class outside of debate I have to constantly remind myself to slow down, or when I get into an argument with somebody I speed faster and faster. I always see problems in today's transportation infrastructure. It has come to the point that losing my flash drive is more of a tragedy then losing my phone. How am I spending my summer? Writing four cases for debate season..which is still months away.
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