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  1. Hi, If y’all have spring semester and TOC coaching/judging needs hit me up. I debated 3 years policy and 1 year Congress at Unionville High School, PA and 3 semesters of college policy at NYU. As a coach, my debaters have qualled to the TOC and broken at Lex, Dowling, GBX, GDS and Bronx. My debaters also got top two speakers at this years Blake Tournament, have broken at NCFL nationals and semi'd at Glennbrooks. I don't use cross-x as much as I used to so email me at Ananthvp1@gmail.com if you are interested. I have coaching experience in both LD and Policy.
  2. No, you should flat out ask them to flash the tags.
  3. Hi everyone, With Wake, Yale and Georgetown not too far in the distance, many of you all are thinking about negative and affirmative strategies. Look no further to this afropessimism/black nihilism file. It is over 370 pages of evidence and blocks that will put you in an excellent position to succeed next year. The evidence and shells incorporate China as well as the new black scholarship that has been published over the last 2 years. This file contains 4 China shells and 1 Surveillence shell (To prepare you for a potential intersection between the two topics). It has an array of strong link, impact and alternative evidence With this file, I have gotten to outrounds of NCFL, State and TOC bid tournaments. As a coach I have taught afro pessimism, antiblackness and other identity teams to finals of major regional tournaments, TOC bid rounds and out rounds at NCFL nationals. This file will be $14 I am not on cross-x as much as I used to be so if you are interested in picking up this file email me at Ananthvp1@gmail.com. I take paypal and Venmo. This is a great way to bolster your argument arsenal and support members in your community! Here is the table of contents: Afropessimism/Black Nihilism File 2016-17. 1 Contact: 2 Negative. 8 1NC (China): 9 Generic: 10 Ethical Reform K: 22 Ruse of Analogy K: 28 Performativity K: 33 1NC (Surveillence): 40 Generic: 41 Links. 48 Generic: 49 Conflicts. 54 Perfect Union. 56 Liberalism: 57 IR Theory: 58 Middle Passage: 61 Salt Water Slavery: 65 Perfecting Slavery: 66 Slave narratives: 69 Narratives of Suffering: 71 Empathetic Identification (Hartman-Ballot Consumption): 75 Hip Hop: 78 Performance: 82 Antiblackness is Global: 88 Historical Instances: 90 Soft Power: 92 Warming: 94 Disease: 102 Self-Congratulatory Politics: 104 White Savior Complex: 106 Bio-Politics: 109 Gender: 110 Ethics: 116 Omission: 117 Time: 119 Mestiza: 120 Visibility: 122 Diaspora: 124 Individual Resistance: 125 Poetry. 128 Settlerism: 129 Safe Space: 131 Pacific Passage: 133 Public Deliberation: 135 Nuke War. 136 White Anti-Racism: 138 Anti War: 140 Space/ Space Exploration: 141 Surveillance: 143 Specific Author Links: 145 Kant: 146 Puar: 147 Agamben: 148 Heidegger: 153 Impact: 154 Social Death: 155 Settler/Colonalism (Redness): 158 Material Extinction: 159 Extinction (Omalade): 160 Fascism.. 162 Case outweighs/Impact Calc. 163 Alternative: 169 Revolutionary Suicide: 170 End of World: 172 End The World Solvency: 174 Unflinching Paradigmatic Analysis: 176 Performative Unflinching Paradigmatic Analysis: 178 Burn Down the State (Farley): 181 Undercommons: 183 Door to the other World: 185 African Burial Ground: 187 Affirm the Black Soldier Alt: 188 Alt Solvency K affs: 189 Revolutions Solvency: 190 Overview: 191 Generic 2NC 1: 192 Generic 2NC 2: 197 White Supremacy Framework: 202 A2: Policy Framework (1 off) 203 A2: Policy Framework (Short) 207 Anti-Ethics. 209 Social Life: 210 State Bad/ Reformism Frontline: 212 Line By Line: 220 A2: Not Ontological (Hudson) 221 A2: Focus on Present (Pinn) 223 A2: Fatalism (Ba) 228 A2: Nihilism.. 229 A2: Not ready for Revolution (Wilderson) 235 A2: Slave Agency. 236 A2: Brown- Historicizing Slavery bad. 237 A2: Cede the Political 240 A2: Coalitions/Black white binary bad. 244 A2: Obama’s president 248 A2: Holocaust –Trivialization. 251 A2: Progress. 253 A2: Essentialist (America Centric) 255 A2: Black Woman DA. 260 A2: Queer Turns. 264 A2: Excludes Natives. 266 A2: Infaltration (Williams) 267 A2: Psychoanalysis Wrong (Dufresne) 269 A2: Race is a Fiction. 271 A2: Destroys individuality (Pinn) 273 A2: Inclusion/Diversity Solves. 274 A2: Commodification. 276 A2: Winant 278 A2: Speaking for Others. 279 A2: White Activism Bad (Noppers) 280 A2: Whiteness not RC (Niemonen) 282 A2: Monolithic system Fails (Bryant) 283 A2: Bryant (More Specific Author Indict) 285 A2: Civil Society Good (Gilroy) 286 A2: pessimism towards progressivism (Jones) 288 A2: Racism Created by Policy So Solved by Policy. 289 A2: Monolith/Homogenizing Bad (Ahmed, Sullivan) 290 A2: Violent Rev. 291 A2: Singh. 292 A2: Need blueprint 294 Perm: 296 1 off (Policy Aff): 297 LONG (Policy AFF): 301 Short (Policy AFF): 305 Coherency Bad: 307 Performance Good: 309 Generic: 310 Hip Hop Good: 311 Domestic Shift DA: 312 Domestic Shift DA: 313 Specifying Privilege Good: 317 View From Nowhere: 319 Trigger Warning: 320 Afro-pessimism/Black Nihilism Affirmative. 321 Notes: 322 Affirmative. 323 2AC Blocks: 324 Capitalism: 325 Lesbian Separatism/White Fem: 333 Ableist Language. 336 Gender Language: 338 Nietzsche: 340 Ableism: 343 Natives: 345 Tuck and Yang: 346 Anthro: 348 Bruckner: 351 Zong/Afrofuturism: 354 Queer Theory: 357 Diaspora: 360 Framework/T. 362 2AC: 363 Top Level Impact Turns: 366 Limits. 368 Dialogue/Deliberation/Decision making. 369 Democratic Deliberation: 370 Debate Elitist: 371 Boggs: 372 Fairness: 373 Education: 374 Standards are Racist: 375 Interp Definitions. 377
  4. Tbh you can't survive on the national circuit with Open Evidence heavy strats. It may help you when you are in a pickle but most often these cards are not good enough quality to match up against stronger teams.
  5. You heard wrong. You may win rounds with this but you'll end up with really horrible speaker points. Anyways most judges will look for ways to vote you down. Instead of trying to confuse your opponents with some obscure theory violation cut a strong disad or cp or K that will make judges actually want to vote for you.
  6. That is a super generic request. But I would look at "The Graceful and Generous Liberal Gesture: Making Racism Invisible in American International Relations" by Robert Vitalis. It isn't as long as red white and black and it is more relevant to your topic. It also allows you access to make specific offensive links towards aff advantage areas in the 2nc. See where this takes you.
  7. I'd rather judge a petty theory round than a troll round. Just saying. That time you spent cutting troll args could have been spent cutting a new K or DA or CP that would have been killer in an out-round at a big tournament. If you spend your intellectual energy by researching smart arguments then you will grow much more as a debater. Thats just me
  8. There is no one correct way. My partner was more comfortable with having it in multiple files and he was very quick and efficient at pulling up his blocks while I am more comfortable with having everything in one file. If it fits it ships. Do what's most efficient for you not what everyone else does.
  9. Like this debate was filled with odd strategy choices and contradictions haha. As much as i love Jared I'm gonna have to vote aff. The 1NC strategy didn't make a lot of sense. He was trapped very early. The fact that he conceded the state bad offense in the block was a huge mistake seeing that your only real answer was a shadow application of the dng evidence. I mean Jared couldn't really win T when you had him on the W/M level and the Language DA which was def a smart idea but could have been used in other parts of this debate. I can also see that being used against you also so i'd watch out with that. I think Jared's best opportunity of winning this debate was puar coupled with the state bad offense on case. I think all the obama circumventing the law arguments proves uniqueness to the state bad offense and probably gives a good net benefit to the Suicide bombing. If i were jared I would have gone one off Puar. I could also see a value in reading more explicit DnG right back at you because of the weird articulations of it. There are a lot of internal contradictions in your aff.
  10. I honestly don't understand what's up with novices wanting to run troll arguments.
  11. Hi, I will be very honest I think you should continue doing as much debate as you are doing now. By going to more than 6-7 tournaments a semester you are showing that you are very dedicated to the activity and that looks good on your resume. In terms of whether debate is a good option I would take this into consideration 1) Debate teaches you how to write- when you approach questions and topics through a debater's lens you are able to clearly and concisely write arguments and ideas. Your word choice is generally more crisp and colorful than your non-debate counterparts. 2) New ideas- You are constantly forced to read and adapt to the constantly changing environment of debate and since you are into K debate you are more likely to interact with many different and new ideas that most "traditional" LD debaters may not come across. For example you can find out how medical ableism prevents queer youth of color from accessing certain healthcare options. You are in a much better position to handle the nature of SAT essays and College essays. 3) Handling pressure- You have probably had more than a few "oh shit" rounds and by your Junior/Senior year you are very unlikely to collapse in those situations. This will def help you in the real world when you are tasked with some difficult task or a word you have never heard of on the SAT. Your ability to mentally condition yourself will be critical to your success as a human. These are just a few advantages to doing debate. Look i get that you are under a lot of pressure to succeed as a student and a debater. But at the end of the day 1 or 2 B's wont be a huge deal in comparison to how much an admissions officer values your debate skill. In terms of maintaining your grades, maybe you should try and only do 1 hour a day of debate work unless you are nearing a tournament. Learn to be efficient and not cut things you wont use. Maybe when/if you work out/run you can think about arguments you want to run. If you are free during study halls take a notebook and write down ideas you have for debates. Or even blocks. I would handwrite blocks that I needed and then when i get home i would transfer that onto the computer. This saves you time and keeps you engaged. Trust me, a college admissions officer would rather choose an average student with deep and interesting thoughts than a student who has excellent grades but is boring af. Just remember its the kids who don't think linearly who become successful in life not the ones who are super good at taking High School Vocab tests. As someone who had fairly average grades, I can attest the value of debate in terms of getting me into college.
  12. That would most likely contradict with your aff.
  13. If your only reason not to is secrecy then YES you need to post it.
  14. Agreed. Sometimes Libraries can lack in philosophy texts. At least some of the local libraries in my area don't have much in the way of race theory. Tbh Google has gotten me very far you just need to know where to go.
  15. Google is a good start when it comes to entry level research for an arguments. If you cut a lot of larger articles you will be in a good place in terms of know where and how to find more specific information.
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