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  1. I'm a sophomore debater, and my MacBook pro recently broke. I have a solid amount of cash to purchase a new laptop that will primarily be used for debate. Should I stick with apple or are PC's better for debating? please comment all of your recommendations
  2. Really like the point you make here, i completely agree on it being overdone, but yea I'm having trouble putting a unique spin on it
  3. Haven't watched the full round yet, will do so I'm solid at framework, not amazing though... hopefully I'll improve at camp this summer
  4. Hello members of Cross-x, I've thought of an idea for an aff to run next year. (I know its very early to start looking into next year but this idea came to mind mind last night) This is the main idea of the case, i feel that the hardest part of making this will be finding evidence, which is where I am currently stuck.... Tell me what y'all think about this concept, its not very unique but hopefully it has some potential It is not right for debaters to discuss this year’s topic unless we first attain competitive equity in the debate space. Transforming the debate space so that races have equal ground is a necessary prerequisite to debating the topic. Racism is far too prevalent in the debate space and currently; ground is not equal for all debaters. African American debaters are at a major disadvantage in the debate space. At the same time, however, it isn’t that easy for white bodies in the debate space. Whites are portrayed as humans who have to be oppressive to black people, and ones who can do nothing to assist in the combating of racism. This Mentality must me removed completely from the debate space. I, as a Black Male, and my partner as a white female/male (Not sure who my partner is going to be next year), are a perfect example that this mentality can be exterminated, and our discussion of this in the 1AC is necessary to ensure that this competitive equity we discuss is attainable.
  5. Looking for some solid PICs good stuff, if necessary I'm down for trades, just P/M me
  6. Thank you, and "Don't throw in specific programs unless that's what your solvency mechanism talks about" ----- this was what I was asking, which of those listed or other ones do you feel would be the best solvency mech? i agree my current refunding is kind of weak
  7. Yea I forgot the dollars when I copied and pasted, my mistake And yes I do have answers to EE, but am still looking for something new to fund/expand ex. like Merida/Palermo/PROTECT or one of those to eliminate as many EE args as possible
  8. the 1ac has a solvency card that says the previous budget was 4.3 million and was cut to 300,000
  9. Hello, I have been running a human trafficking affirmative throughout the year and have had a stable amount of success, however i'm looking to make changes to my plan to improve it. The current plan is The United States federal government should substantially increase economic engagement toward Mexico by providing 4 million$ of funding to the Mexican Government’s Anti-Trafficking budget, along with necessary defense and security support to better Mexico’s efforts and assist them in the fight to mitigate human trafficking. Wondering if I should put in the Palermo Protocol, PROTECT, or the Merida Initiative to use as a solvency mechanism Also looking for any other advice or criticisms to create a better plan Thank you
  10. Thank you, I'm sort of just trying things out at the moment
  11. Can I get some opinions on running the False Heroism (Batman) and Death Cult K in the same 1NC?
  12. Yes thats what I meant, when a team's CP says they don't use the U.S. and mandates a foreign nation to do something. I didnt ask that Q correctly
  13. in that case, how could I prove that human support meets econ engagement
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