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  1. How do I answer the different perms to a counter plan?
  2. What arguments should i be good to go on when I am reading anthro on the negative? What are teams favorite strategies to answer this.
  3. theydb8r


    Hi, What do you think I should be good to go on in order to ru framework as the negative.
  4. It seems like a lot of people don't like antho anyone know any reason why?
  5. I know what it is but how do you answer it.
  6. Can someone help me understand Uniqueness overwhelms the link answers as the aff?
  7. I just moved over to mac and I want to know if I should buy word for mac 2011 or go for 365. If verbatim for mac works with 365 then I will get office 365. Does anyone know if verbatim works with office 365?
  8. Anyone have the Latouche Developement by itself bad card/Wordpick?
  9. Hi, Could someone help me with some analytic arguments against the Fed DA? Also what the best way to answer it.
  10. It is the McWhorter in 92 evidenc3
  11. Hi, Would someone consider tutoring me on how to run a Managerialism for next years topic?
  12. My A strat last year was apec, xo, and ptx. I'm planning on using a k as a net benefit to my cp next year.
  13. Hi, Would anyone be willing to help me by explaining how to run krittiks. I have a basic understanding of them. I just want to learn how to run one.
  14. Hi, I'm wondering what I would have to do to cut a card from a ebook using kindle? Does anyone have any ideas or previous expirience?
  15. I have a critical gitmo aff with a torture advantage
  16. Do you have the file on Dip Cap or Navy TO you would be willing to trade/give to me.
  17. Im in kansas... Not a very liberal judging pool. Thanks for the help though I will look into it. Does anyone else have any other ideas?
  18. Does anyone have any ideas on a generic DA that I could run along with XO, Farm Bill Ptx (With a food prices, heg, or econ impact. Those are the 3 I can work with.) I would appreciate it to if anyone could point me to some file too!
  19. Like extensions for a biodiversity impact and the I/L's the impact stuff is most important
  20. Hi I am willing to trade something for a biodiversity file.
  21. theydb8r

    Link Wall

    Can you tell me what a link wall is?
  22. Does anyone have any cards that say Gulf Coast States are Key to the United States economy.
  23. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could explain the basics of 1. ASPEC 2. Floating Pics 2.5 Why ^ these are abusive 3. Pics Thank You!!!
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