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  1. .@SenRonJohnson, stop obstructing our courts: #DoYourJob. You have a constitutional duty to vote on the nominee from @POTUS.

  2. KStumby

    Best of WI

    I don't know you people, but I love you.
  3. North Wisconsin District: Appleton East KS (Kostelny/Stumbris) Sheboygan North CW (Cook/Wang)
  4. Would you happen to be referring to AppEast's Novice Policy State Championship in 1993? or possibly 97?
  5. I know someone has a thread about the DDC from a while back, but considering it hadn't been used in about a year, and this has a very different central question, I thought I'd start my conversation here: I'm looking to hear feedback from anyone who has used the Digital Debate Camp in the past (found at http://www.digitaldebatecamp.com/). If I do choose to go to another camp, I was thinking about using it possibly as an additional supplement to further my debate knowledge. Anyone think they could help me assess how helpful this camp would be? Additional info that might help you help me: I will be a senior next year in my 4th year of policy debate. On a regional level I have been very successful and have been in late elimination rounds at my state tournament my sophomore and junior years. Nationally, I have broken at around 6 or seven tournaments and have been in one bid round. My partner and I are from a small school and most of what we do is funded by ourselves and we're hoping to get as better as we can this summer to be the first time to qualify to the TOC for about 15 years. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  6. RT @_Happy_Gilmore: Jameis Winston cleared of rape charges and removed from Pittsburgh Steeler's draft prospects list.

  7. I completely agree, as the internal link chain is too complex for many lay judges to even understand.
  8. "Mister TDebater" I do agree that novice limits are good as previously stated, however I also believe there is an overarching problem of lack of further phase in of arguments throughout the season, especially the kritik which IMO is only going to become more popular. On that note as well, there are other major issues with the limits. Example, being forced to run immigration reform until November when the Syria deal and debt ceiling were both very much top of the docket over it. Obviously, conflicting judge advice is always an issue and is an issue I remember from my novice year as well. I actually hit speed bad theory this past weekend at a tournament where V4 and VSS were combined as well, even after delivery of a somewhat slow, IMO, 1AC. I think maybe where I see the most lay judging is in instances where the V4 and VSS pools are collapsed.
  9. RT @TheWesleyCook: I think I lost my aasd badge thing

  10. I feel for you bro. Probably 25-50% of our open division is lay. Hope you're able to adapt well!
  11. Just wondering if whoever voted yes in the poll could legitimize four person debate for me? Mainly because everyone seems to be on the page that it is not, if you truly believe it is I would love to hear why you believe it is as legitimate as a switch side debate format.
  12. I agree completely. Which is a large reason why I detest Wisconsin novice case limits.
  13. To all of those commenting on the novice portion: I do believe some novice limits are good for all the aforementioned reasons and for helping to foster fundamentals before varsity trickery. However, I am a firm believer in the concept of overlimiting and the negative impacts it has upon debate and I believe the rules of the WDCA do just that. Allowing close to zero innovation whatsoever as debaters are confined to a strict set of predetermined cards for much of the season.
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