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  1. Whenever I read online about Politics DAs, I always find that people bash on them for some reason, and from what I understand, Politics DAs are somehow different than other DAs. How are Poltics DAs different from "regular" DAs, and why are they sometimes looked down upon? Also, I came across this page, and I don't understand the rationale behind these reasons: http://learnpolicydebate.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/reasons-why-the-politics-disadvantage-is-the-worst-disadvantage-in-policy-debate/ If anybody could help me understand, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post ever on cross-x.com. I know this might seem like a very generic topic, but I was wondering about what advice anyone could provide an incoming varsity policy debater in high school with. If it helps, here is some information: -I just finished my Sophomore year in high school, and I'm about to become a Junior. -I have one year of experience in Policy Debate. I started off this year as a Novice, and I bumped up to JV somewhere in the middle of the year, and now I will become a Varsity debater. -The schools, in the debate league that my school participates in, contain mainly traditional debaters, (the co-captains of my school were the only kritikal team in the entire league, but now they are graduating and going to college), however, I don't plan on competing solely in the league I and am open to debating at invitational tournaments, where I expect to endure greater challenges and face more kritikal teams. I am also willing to learn more about kritikal debate as I didn't have very much exposure to it in Novice or JV. -In the Novice and JV divisions of our league, we were not allowed to cut cards as they were already provided for us. We simply ran the files were already provided. So I will be new to the practice of research cutting my own cards. The files we ran were: AFFs (with NEG answers): -High Speed Rail -NextGen -Mass Transit -Port Security Off-Cases (with AFF answers): -Spending DA -Federalism DA -Automobile Industry DA -Russian Oil DA -States CP -Privatization CP -Capitalism K -Anthropocentrism K -1 Trade Off DA -A few T arguments (about 4 or 5) -With that said, I will be new to any other new arguments besides the ones above. -I'm also quite new to Framework arguments (seeing how we only focused on a few arguments). As you can see, I have little experience as a debater, however that (and the limiting borders of the JV and Novice divisions of my league) is the very reason why I want to advance to Varsity. I am very willing to open my mind up to more knowledge and depth of the other aspects of Policy Debate, and I would appreciate any advice anyone could provide me with in my transition to Varsity. Even very basic advice would be helpful to me, such as cross-examination tips, research tips, what authors to read on, what to expect from other teams, etc. Anything would help, really. Thanks a lot!
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