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  1. If anyone has any case negs they would be willing to trade, pm me! Thanks
  2. Does anyone have any cards or can point me to some authors that can claim "real world impacts first" or how "large magnititude, unrealistic stuff" bad?
  3. You have Ghana be kidding me
  4. So link uq will obviously be a problem on neg for das. What is the most efficient/effective way to go about answering this? Tips? Tricks?
  5. What does everyone think of the camp affs this year? Definitely much more of a diversity than last year
  6. Anyone have any da's that would be applicable to the LA topic that they would be down to trade? Pm me
  7. Does anyone have a Cap and/or a Historical materialism k that they would be down to trade? Pm meh preferably homecut
  8. With camp a few weeks away, where are y'all going to camp at this year?
  9. Does anyone have the H-1b Visas aff from the college topic a few years back or the cp? I have loads to trade. Pm me Thanks
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