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  1. surface transpo with nano particle - nano particulation di sad (darpa and stuff) hip hop, fare free mass transit cable propelled transit systems highways active transportation (bike and walking paths) cyberattack protection invest in roundabouts increase investment for job access and reverse commute act
  2. Antifragile

    3Nr Ideas

    Need a 3NR block for condo, int fiat, etc. PM me, and I'll trade you a 3NR block for the cp/da debate.
  3. MIro, is there a function for making the font of your pnis larger? The font's as small as a size two right now.
  4. I'm looking for unique condo bad arguments that aren't generic.
  5. I have an ITS Neg, but you would have to PM me first if you want it.
  6. Someone trade me a queer theory file. I have other great theory stuff to exchange. PM me.
  7. Try a stop smoking weed counterplan. Net benefit: We don't get to see your crappy attitude on the forums. Impact: Solves dehumanization.
  8. Your robust mindset is seriously hurting the fk out of my awesome, antifragile mindset.
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