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    Still black. Still read Heidegger. I tried to read Wilderson in a Parli round, and I hated it.
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    I've been in college, and I still barely cut cards.
  1. jsmoov


    I can't research? I like to exercise my debate mind every once and a while to feel like I'm still the only Black kid in Oklahoma winning in CX
  2. jsmoov


    I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for a Virilio affirmative. Not an argument based on his concept of speed and the ontology of speed but an argument centered around militarism and the ocean. I stumbled across the idea while reading a little bit of his book Bunker Archaeology. If you have any ideas please drop them here. Thanks. Link to the book: http://stankievech.net/projects/counterintelligence/workshop/Virilio-BunkerArcheology-TheMonolith_1975.pdf
  3. jsmoov

    Favorite K's

    Quasi-Cap K involving Heideggerian ideas. Spanos. Kato. Burke.
  4. I think for any author who is exceptionally confusing, listening to lectures or reading some of their -ian authors (people who base their literature off of different authors ideas...these tend to be less confusing...i.e. Mikko Joronen's writing of Heidegger or Rasch's writing of Schmitt) can be helpful.
  5. It depends on the author, but they probably don't contradict depending on your author. For example, reading Judith Butler biopower, which advocates reform, would probably contradict with Ladelle McWhorter's writings on doing nothing and thinking ecologically or whatever she calls it, lol.
  6. Gwatery Ecology will be good, lol.
  7. Too little time on case, in my opinion. I think that 3 minutes of case is really good if you want to leverage your substantive off case arguments or if you want to go 5 minutes case in the 2nr which is impressive because barely anyone does that anymore.
  8. I read at the top of my 2nc some shadow boxing cards from Baudrillard. Though there may be personal distaste for Baudrillard's theories, shadow boxing from Mann and Baudrillard are one in the same.
  9. American Exceptionalism in the Age of Globalization by William V Spanos Every sentence in here should suffice.
  10. Are you asking like managerialism?
  11. I think it's best for the neg to decide based on the aff. We always formed our strats in advance if possible and planned the block. Prevent though you may read the same kritik (like for us it was a Heideggeresque cap k) but we had other specific disads, counterplans, etc. Edit: Go to kritiks like Security, Cap, Fem IR, whatever you may like, all work in times you don't know what the aff is. For example first round this year we read churchill against some weird aff that some team cut by themselves. It is best to have a large arsenal where you can pick what you need.
  12. William V Spanos does some pretty extensive writing on frontierism as being an extension of America's metaphysical ocularcentrism. Gathering new sites for the centered circle and imperial gaze to control and maintain.
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