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  1. It seems to me like you're building your aff around it being kritikal rather than around an advocacy or an idea. Don't do that. If you don't know what your advocacy should be, then you don't even know if it needs to be a k aff or not.
  2. Considering the resolution says to "curtail" surveillance, instead of abolishing it entirely, a valid neg CP (or non-topical aff) would be to completely abolish the USFG's surveillance outputs. Lots of potential advantages.
  3. I may or may not have run Mao K at a bid tournament.
  4. You should hire this person. Super Mario World is a killer debate school.
  5. Calling out a fallacy without doing work on why it is and how that is damning to the argument is lazy and bad arguing.
  6. Raybadursh

    The NDT 2015

    If Towson actually received a modicum of support from their school, they would easily beat all four of those teams.
  7. Maybe this is just in my circuit, but the term "floating PIK" is often used as a meaningless pejorative. IE: "They say that the alt is a prerequisite to the aff; therefore, floating PIK bad we win." There is obviously a working definition for the term, but people like to throw it around to garner links to theory that simply aren't there.
  8. According to the timetables, by now, you need to be at the "one with the resolution" phase of prep.
  9. The roots of rap, including rap performed by non-Black people, is Black culture. One of the main reasons why Iggy Azalea is getting a lot of backlash from the Black community is that she engages in rap but uses none of her visibility to give back to the community by speaking about issues that affect Black people, such as police brutality. You don't have to be Black to rap, but it is appropriation to claim that rap is completely apolitical and separate from Blackness. To engage in criticisms of rap by making assumptions based on its podium is to make assumptions of the podium. The podium of rap is Blackness. Therefore, the assumption made when someone says, "there is probably misogyny in rap lyrics" is "Black culture is misogynistic," which is an anti-Black assumption.
  10. Then it's an antiblack extrapolation. The word "fuck" is not inherently a tool of the patriarchy, and it is used in generally-whitewashed genres without any question as to its underlying assumptions. The only time anybody says that fuck is misogynistic is 1) when they are losing a round and want to win or 2) when it's used in rap.
  11. I can vouch. GMU Debate Institute is really rad.
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