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  1. Does anyone have a cap K to trade? Tonight if possible. will trade heavily
  2. Does anyone have a cap K to trade? Tonight if possible. will trade heavily
  3. So i have a tournament tomorrow and did not get around to cutting these negs. If anyone has one they would be down to trade, I would trade heavily. Pm me
  4. Does anyone have a case neg to this? Will trade generously Pm Me!
  5. So i understand that it is theoretically questionable for an aff without a plan text to make a perm on a K, but I am having a hard time coming up with a theory block saying we get a perm. Any help?
  6. idahopotatoe

    Big affs

    And links to politics and security!!!I wouldnt run that aff if i were you....
  7. If anyone has an agamben k, i would be willing to trade for it. Pm me!
  8. Under what conditions should one kick the alt in 2nr? Also, how does it function? Wouldn't the kritik just turn into a non-uq da then? Thanks
  9. If anyone has any unique affs (plan text or no) which arent on open ev, I would be willing to trade! pm me
  10. Does anyone have a dualisk kritik they would be down to trade?
  11. Also interested in this. Pm me
  12. Something along the Communicative Rationality side, to clarify
  13. Does anyone have a habermas k? Pm me
  14. It is being done on a shared dropbox. Basically, it is for the smaller teams, or those who do not have the abundant time or personnel resources to personally cut each and every case neg theirselves. More of a divide and conquer type of "solvency"
  15. Would 3-4 people be willing to help start cutting some case negs to the affs on the topic? pm me for details with the state you debate in
  16. Hi y'all So, in regards to counterfactuals, how do judges generally perceive them? Also, how does one go about debating them on aff and neg (ie: off-case, oncase)? and are there any links to any debate videos where counterfactuals were run?
  17. Thanks man! I like your 125 degree obtuse angle on your pic
  18. Does anyone have a, preferably, homecut kritik toolbox or good framework file? In short, my computer got messed up and, of course, this had to be the one file that wasn't backed up, and I have an upcoming tournament I need it for. PM me for a trade
  19. Nice debate also, 2ac, that was interesting- it all worked out in the end, I had my doubts when i first saw it haha Make it a panel? I vote neg, on T, of course. Mainly, the reason for this voting was the fact that, in the 2a, T was EXTREMELY mishandled. And, yes, there were "voters," per se, when the shell stated,"That’s a voting issue—." Thinking back on it, neg could have run fx, extra t, seeing as how P-text only mandated "NASA’s space projects", which doesn't mandate being above the mesosphere. If the 2a would have put a card in stating that the police force is specifically for above the mesosphere projects, the T debate would have been over right there. Also, 1ar could have extedned the fact that lit checks abuse. Had there have been an argument in the 2a that Hyperreality should be evaluated before T, i would have voted on that, since 2nr dropped that. But, since no point was ever made before the 2ar, I voted on t as a gateway issue. Oh yeah, I disregarded some of the 2ar because much of that was new arguments that weren't present in 1ar or 2ac.
  20. All depends on what you are running and with what alt you are running it with. Following suit with the cap examples: Alt: reject aff and all other instances of cap in order to transition to a ________ economy. The aff team does the perm. Then we would say that only a complete and full rejection will work to transition. Contradictions make cap unstable and making the perm null.
  21. I would be interested in the Fo Foucault, if anyone has it, pm me please, sir!
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