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  1. stereotypically people that I debate with see the East as very theory and tricks and the west as very util and phil.
  2. So I debate in the west and I know how the national circuit is for Cali debaters. And ive competeted on the east coast so I know how their style is. I know west debaters dont usually do good at tournements in the Mid West like Valley and Apple. I was wondering what the debate style in Midwest is that makes it hard for west debaters.
  3. Does anybody know of any general scholarships for camps? Ive already applied for voices. Im trying to go to NSD
  4. Im narrowing down camps between NSD and VBI currently. I know that NSD is generally regarded as a better camp but i tend to lean to policy making so Im interested in VBI as well. 1) How if the disparity in focus between labs? 2) Is there a camp tourney and if so how is it? 3) Dorms and food? *not big deal just curious 4) any other comments
  5. Will trade just about anything i have for jan feb frontlines to common national circuit negs
  6. Can someone post the actual text of the resolution that this storm is over?
  7. At the tournements ive been to Opp wins is literally the amount of wins your opponents have. Thus more oppwins means they won more meaning they are good.
  8. Looking to trade frontlines and cases on the jan feb topic. Have tons to trade both topic specific and not
  9. Does anybody have an analytical framework file? I can trade
  10. Somebody into me parli. I have a tournament next week and its the only one in the state that has parli so i signed up just because. Can someone tell me like what to do when and how long times are and stuff like that.
  11. Look at polls, listen to the people. Etc
  12. Does anybody have a polls framework i can trade for?
  13. What are the best lay alternatives to debate words. Ex) Offense turn link defense etc
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