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    "The human heart has a tiresome tendency to label as fate only what crushes it. But happiness likewise, in its way, is without reason, since it is inevitable." -Camus
  1. Best meme team: Best meme in round: Nicest to women: Best sophomore: Most elitist: Least offensive squad: Greatest k debater in history: Prettiest smile: Best anthro debater: Best debater named Patrick: Best shoes to debate in: Best sock/shoe game: Best partnership shoe game: Best crocs: Best Sweaters (Hint, it's Will Bledsoe's Australian sweaters): Most humiliating loss: Team most convinced heg is good: Most likely to be elected president: Most likely to have a scandal in office: Biggest SJW: Biggest ego: Best tournament jpresch made cookies at: Best hair: Best laptop stickers: Mac or PC: Most fun to spend New Years with: Best at keeping prep time: Best human ever: Best non-human ever: Biggest slayer:
  2. Hey, when was the last time you updated this? #thankyou #lazydebater
  3. Sorry, I'm new at this... I need a democracy good impact but all I can find is Diamond '95. Everyone is telling me it's terrible and has no warrants... I was wondering if anyone had any sources I could look at. I'd take nuke war or anything else really. Hah, I apologize if this is a stupid thing to ask for
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