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  1. Fucking no. No shoutout to Brian for stealing a joke from the Internet. That tropicality shit had been floating around the East Coast for a while and then someone posted it to Fuck Yeah Policy Debate. Oregon get your shit together.
  2. Well it was fun while it lasted gg Allen
  3. So then you were the best team in the State of Oregon last year I take it?
  4. What arguments were made in those rounds? How were the judges in those rounds? What were the decisions? It sounds like you really rolled all the teams leading up to the final round.
  5. What were the Negs rounds leading up to the finals round like? I would like to hear about these from anyone that knows of the events.
  6. After watching some bits of the videos, it sounds like the negative should be winning because they are feminists advocating feminism and feminism is good.
  7. If this LakeO team won state last year then why wouldn't they win again this year? Did one of them graduate?
  8. Regardless of the judges, what arguments were both sides making?
  9. I agree. Zacpdx, you must elaborate to give Cross-x users some context.
  10. I think Zacpdx is trying to bring up a point here. Shouldn't we hear this side of the story? Tell us what happened, please!
  11. As an outsider looking in, it sounds like Lake Oswego is the dark horse set to win. Just my opinion.
  12. Don't you dare use Scooby-Doo's catch phrase in vein. Have some slight decency, you savage. You are a terrible Being.
  13. They don't exist. Stop looking.
  14. Excuse me fellows, but I seem to be unable to find these search results for "Andrew Samuelson's abs" could someone help direct me to them?
  15. I'm hella tab. Let's see a nice deebait. Speaks will be partially awarded by post efficiency (ie how fast you post your speech). I'll hear the K, T, DA, CP, Theory, F/W or whatever else you read. Very few things I am closed to, but if you make a blatantly stupid argument I will have a low threshold for outweighing it when they lay a few answers on it. Let's DEEBAIT!
  16. Sir, this obviously was not my request. Would you please limit your "trolling" to a minimum and respect the establishment that is the domain, "http://www.cross-x.com" and all internal links, absent 8 Minutes of Inherency. Thank you.
  17. I took a little break, qualified for the Parliamentary ToC, got bored, came back. It's a really long story.
  18. So I heard about an 800 page Cuba Says No file. I am willing to trade an 800 page Cuba Says Yes file for anyone that can provide me said file. I don't know if the file really exists, as I have only heard about it in a form of deebait lore, but I would be quite interested in "promoting" the "liberal peace", if you catch my "drift".
  19. Some people are just trying to get some educational advice. You don't have to be a rude TROLL!
  20. I don't know who to side with here....
  21. I heard about that but the cards sounded too good to be true. If someone has it, they better release otherwise they are elitist and are looking to make debate a game for those with access to the best resources only. Someone better post!
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