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  1. Can you list the arguments included in the file?
  2. Thanks, and I think if I want to get more in depth research on the topic, I'm going to have to pull out some writings from the people this theory origins from. Wikipedia gives some info to who came up with this idea so I'll see where this takes me. aswell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_theory#History
  3. Pretty Much is saying countries with too much investment from industralized countires are bound to fail. Ive tried looking it up some more but havent found anything too decent yet. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  4. The Embargo with Cuba, I've seen some people say simply a all or nonthing plan is key to to success with cut cards about it. Its been a while since I've looked into the case but I'll take some time and look at it some more.
  5. My Coach is a 1st year coach with previously having some experience in High School doing it. As far as her record or anything beyond that I'm unsure of. And thats what I really saw about the Weed plan its good in theory but otherwise you'll have to deal with a lot of topicality argument possibly if worded correctly this could be worked around ( Funds currently being used on the War on Drugs instead go to international investments or Taxes collected from the Regulation of Weed are then recirculated to the Mexican Economy)
  6. So, I've been doing Policy Debate for Six Month. I had joined mid way thorugh the topic last year. I enjoy everything about debate. But no matter how much I learn about Policy Debate I just feel like I havent learned enough. I just want to be writing up debate affs and brainstorm various ideas but I'm just not sure on how to begin with it. When I start to begin with them, I just run into various problems in the research or I dont feel the quality of the research isnt professional. I'm going to Gonzaga for 2 wk Junior Varsity camp so that will probably help me out quite a bit, but I just want a competivie edge over the rest of my team and opponets. To give background, my school just opened this year, and we've had some decent placings in local tournaments but didnt qualify for TFA( partially because we didnt go to that many tournaments due to budget) and our teams choked up a bit in the UIL Competiton due to stupid mistakes. Our coach is a 1st yr coach who pretty much told us go to The Open Evidence page, and just gather our research from there. My now former partner was also at times disorganized and really didnt teach much to me. So most of what I learned is through debate expereince and from our debate captains who had 1yr experience before the beginning of this year and really have no interest in as far as I can tell as in orignal research. They'd rather just go to there debate camp, wait till the files are handed to them before begin getting serious in debating. And I feel I should go to camp at least with some stuff in hand and wait till I get there but I feel I should also have a better knowledge of what I'm doing before I get too invested in researching a possible AFF only to find its not worth it. I've had a couple ideas and I'll list them and forgive me if there rather stupid 1. End Cuba Embargo 2. Close Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and give it back to Cuba 3. Legalize and regulate weed.- Tried Researching but found it hard to give any number or figures of the Weed that comes from Mexico. 4 End Farm Subsides on Corn and Sugar to give Mexico a fair trade advantage to sell its Cane Sugar. Only Problem is NAFTA laws in 2008 that opened up fair trade and WTO ruilings saying subsides doesnt break free trade laws. So if you have any tips to improving overall or just doing research, that would be great Thank You in advance
  7. Whoispink


    Consult the Maquiladora's? There the factories who use cheap labor and material cost to have factories on the mexican border with the intention of importing to the United States. About 1.3 Million of Mexican Citzens work in them. Link Below explains what they do a bit more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maquiladora
  8. The problem is I'm not able to convince my father to sign me up till I have all of his concerns resolved. So I'm not able to get that orientation packet yet. I wish it we're that simple to solve
  9. So I'm trying to go to Gonzaga University for its 2 week debate camp and they initally agreed to it, but it seems my father has some sort of resistence from a outside of state camp( I'm in TX) I've managed to answer his concerns about it and listed everything the camp has managed to stay about it but his main compliant or worry is the fact its not offering a shuttle service to the camp registration. He hasnt explained in too much detail but says its a worry of me just being dropped off on the other side of the campus and left to try finding it on my own.. So to anyone who has gone, can you explain the quality of shuttle services to Gonzaga and how large you felt the campus was.
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