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  1. A few novices on my team asked if in the 2nc could they go straight K with overview, impact framing, and alt solves overview. Good idea or no?
  2. I've never heard if it, what does it say?
  3. What are some strong disadvantages that are going to be run this year other then of course China Relations and Russia Relations
  4. Haven't debate an econ engagement aff?
  5. No it might not even be domes have you heard a da saying Econ engagement = military engagement?
  6. No I didn't flow it I should have though. I can make my own shell I just didnt know if anyone had it first
  7. No I've heard it run as a Da.
  8. I was talking about the Drones DA that says any increase in economic engagement leads to an increase in military engagement. At least I think it's called drones DA lol
  9. Has anyone heard of the Drones Da? Or does anyone have it that is willing to give it away?
  10. My partner and I qualified for state but he won't be able to attend so I have to pull up a novice who doesn't understand high level debate . So I was thinking of just running giroux does anyone have extensions or anything on pedagogy?
  11. Isn't that just qpq. If ven says yes then do our plan
  12. To get out of the Venezuela says no cards can we just say in the plan to do the plan if madura says yes
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