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  1. Sorry I haven't posted the 1NC, I had to go out of town with my family today. I'll post both the CX and 1NC at the same time either late tonight or in the morning. Sorry about that
  2. 1. 50-70 years 2. the impact of warming would be about 50 years. ME and China War in a status quo risk that hydrogen economy solves 3. A lot of it was from Robert Cohen, our solvency advocate. Cohen was one of the leads on the US R&D effort for almost 20 years before the program was cut by budget. 4. Yes 5. They already have suitable material. The OTEC plant in hawaii was running for over 20 years which proves corrosion is not an issue. Our plan doesn't create new R&D, it merely refunds the existing R&D efforts
  3. If I didn't think I could beat the K I wouldn't be reading sea col
  4. Warming We don’t need other countries. The Meyer, Cooper and Varley evidence suggests that the amending of existing regulations will ensure private investment, which is enough to reverse the CO2 concentration levels in the atmosphere building the plant: 2 years. reverse co2 concentration: immediately, and it will gradually be greater as more invest 3 ways to solve warming from dunn and dhanak. 1. carbon sequestration - the ocean deepwater has nutrients which stimulate phytoplankton growth at the surface which use photosynthesis and remove massive amounts of co2. 2. clean energy displaces fossil fuels. 3. When the phytoplankton die, they emit dimethyl sulfate which leads to cloud formation. Cloud formation reflects sun heat waves back out of atmosphere. Warming leads to brutal droughts which destroy agriculture, it also creates more violent storms and conditions that allow for massive flooding. A combination of this will lead to planetary extinction - Deibel from 1ac I don’t claim extinction of a specific species. If you’re referring to Ocean Acidification, this is a global phenomenon which decalcifies marine organisms everywhere. Oil Doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’s a necessary goal we need that can be met within 50 years. If we prove that hydrogen economy is better than squo then it’s a reason other countries will model otec so they won’t have to rely on ME oil. No, it’s specific to the internal link before it which specifies that the US purchasing oil from ME which will fuel instability. Russel is the impact to that instability In the status quo it would most likely be Iraq. Sea Col He’s studied OTEC for several decades, wrote multiple books, and cites of 9000 studies in those books. He’s a smart fella I don’t know how it would be regulated, I assume it would be on a volunteer basis similar to the Mars Colonization Volunteer program NASA did. Now. ME countries with littlle water supplies frequently have wars for control of water. But our evidence is in the context of never having to worry about resources again because of OTEC potential for infinite energy and food Generic It actually does. The plan text specifies R&D as well as our solvency advocates. This R&D has already solved issues in the past considering they created a pilot facility of 1MW capacity in hawaii that ran for almost two decades before being discontinued due to hawaii’s state budget. 2 years depends. 1 plant can solve for sea col, and probably around 50-150 to solve for warming and oil. Which are all easily achievable No UN. We use NOAA
  5. I'd appreciate if we could get some judges OTEC 1AC.docx
  6. There is definitely some good offense against science leadership, however it all depends on the context of the plan. For example, if it's an exploration aff like OSEA or Naval Sonar then you can read some evidence that says exploration of international waters and near foreign territories may be perceived as military threats triggering war. This evidence is in several camp files (GDI and i think Wake). Also, don't underestimate the power of impact defense and off-case strategies. In my opinion, scientific leadership affirmatives don't have the biggest impacts so it's easy for the Kritiks and disads to outweigh the aff. The kiritks that link the best to this aff are Anthro, Heidegger, Ecofemm, and the Cap K. Disads will vary based on the plan
  7. sorry, I was with family all of yesterday and have a bunch of homework I have to do today. I'll post the 2ac either late tonight or after school tomorrow
  8. Whats the word count for this round? IDK What the word count is, I just posted my 1AC that I normally read and figured we could just go from there. CX: 1. Are you topical? Yes - but topicality isn't a voting issue 2. What is the war on drugs? The War on Drugs is referred to the current Anti-drug policies and actions taken by the United States that oppress individuals. 3. What does it mean to advocate a critical praxis that challenges War on Drugs? We advocate that the US stop the war on drugs towards mexico. No more military action in mexico, no more drug raids, 4. What is "dehumization", and why is it a bad thing Dehumanization is when people are treated as sub-human or inferior to others. Both the Giroux 10 and Berube 97 cards do a good job on the impact magnitude with examples comparing it to nuclear war, extinction, disposability. 5. Your Castañeda 12 evidence says the War of Drugs was based on false stories, if so whose stories should we use to right this? TBH idk why "stories" is in the tag line, but none of the evidence highlighted discusses said stories and we won't uphold that argument. 6. What happens if the judges vote aff? We will solve for the current harms of the status quo from militarism and racism. (All dehum/structural violence impacts) 7. How do you solve inequality? I don't know which piece of evidence you're referring to, but i'll assume it's the Giroux 4' in the framework. The argument is that traditional discussion takes a pure pedagogical approach to education which creates inequality. The affirmative use of an ethical approach is key to solving for inequality. Maybe more follow-up Feel free to ask more questions 0 Quote MultiQuote
  9. 1AC https://www.mediafire.com/?by4l5v4bbh5b9fl Everybody loves K affirmatives!
  10. i'm down to go aff. can you start the thread? i've never done this before
  11. Looking to debate starting next week (Cal invite this weekend). I'll go aff and post the 1AC monday night. Any takers? edit: LA topic
  12. Yeah I have some. (Maggie is that you? Sorry if not, but you share the same name as one of my camp friends) PM me over CX for a trade or facebook (the later only if you're the Maggie i'm speaking of) edit: nvm I thought "G" was for general, not "guys".
  13. feg, come to my hose and twerk on debate with me
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