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  1. Do you have any T files from that topic? While put first is a very reasonable interpretation of the resolution, I can only imagine the kinds of arguments PF debaters will bring up. I would purchase the files from VBT or other file companies, but I dont have the funds.
  2. I'm a public forum debater. I know that there is a PF forum, but it doesn't get a lot of traffic so I thought this would be a better forum to ask this question. The TOC topic is Resolved: Prioritizing economic development over environmental protection is in the best interest of the people of India. The only action in this resolution is the action of priorizing. I can't find any contextual definitions as to what this means in practice. What kind of search terms or databases should I be using to find a good definition that can be used in round? Thanks
  3. Hey all, I'm writing a paper for an education class and one the requirements is the use of a survey or primary source. The paper is on the use of theories of persuasion in competitive debate and I thought that a survey of coach's could be useful. If you are a debate coach with a few minutes to kill, please visit the link below and complete the short survey. All responses are anonymous. If you are a debater and would like to voice your opinion on the use of persuasion theories in competitive debate, feel free to respond to this post. Thanks! http://tinyurl.com/pwkgfcs
  4. Using this method alters the f3 command. Instead of removing all paragraph breaks/line breaks each line is intdented in the middle of the page.
  5. I just downloaded and installed Verbatim. When I use the f3 command miniature paragraph marks appear the end of each sentence. I've already tried to disable them using standard Word features. Are there any solutions to this problem? I would contact the creator of Verbatim but the site appears to be down. If its relevant, I'm using Mac Word 2011
  6. Has anyone discovered any LD rounds from the TOC? I'd like to watch a few if the links are available.
  7. Some PF judges at the toc are receptive to these types of arguments. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll start exploring the option.
  8. The con is the more difficult side of this resolution.
  9. Hello, The TOC is coming up and I'm wondering if anyone can think of any args for the topic, the continuation of current U.S. anti-drug policies in Latin America will do more harm than good, or arguments that should be blocked out. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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