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  1. I also heard Peninsula runs 1 off baudrillard. Raam is a hack and thinks the argument is true,
  2. So If I write a card, you'll evaluate it as if the director of the DoD wrote it? Sweet!
  3. paradigm: i will vote for anything but the ashtar reps k. fuck the ashtar reps k.
  4. Yeah that's generally a good answer.
  5. Wouldn't fiat illusory have gone away when I kicked the k? Kicking the k means she gets her framework, so fiat is fine
  6. Niiice kicking the affffffff thanks 4 judging guyz <3 2nr- https://www.dropbox.com/s/xddw3isbh1tkxd7/2nr%20v%20nadia.docx
  7. I'll vote on anything that's well explained. Generally pretty well versed in nietzsche, but thats about it for the K. I will do no work on any flow for you under any circumstances. Edit: this neg strat is KILLER
  8. oh and ashtar- you link turned and impact turned- ie if i concede both i concede that you do something bad (double turn)
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