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  1. The Overrated 8* *sorry for the lateness
  2. The Bitter Sixteen Are Here Link to Voting for The Overrated 8
  3. I got Nietzsche, Zizek, Habermas, and Heidegger in the Final Four.
  4. Link to the Voting Section: http://www.critical-theory.com/march-madness-the-overrated-philosophers-bracket/#disqus_thread
  5. Late as ever, but here is my paradigm: I'll vote on anything, I prefer good arguments over more arguments Theory/T: I'll definitely pull the trigger on theory if there is a real abuse story there No reason why this debate spills over to other rounds I will never do any work for you on any flow Don't make any novice mistakes and it will be all good.
  6. WIlderson: The counter K you read says that progressive reforms such as the perm are best,that was the first and third Butler 09 card you read, what reforms do you provide with a perm that do not exist in the status quo or the world of the Alt.? what perm did you read on this flow and in the world of the perm what happens with an aff ballot for the perm on wilderson? on your Atchison and Panetta ‘9 card how is this debate meant to be " productive public non-competitive discourse outside of rounds" when we had this debate to simulate a real round ergo:"Round 566: Tri4Ce (Aff) V. Dmkavuu (Neg)" on your panetta card again what arguments pertain to debate practice? how do I "actively trade-off with productive public non-competitive discourse outside of rounds"?
  7. Cross x Nietzsche: how do we perm do both an alt that wants to maintain and affirm the status quo and a plan that wants to change it on the double bind: if the link is that the aff tries to overcome the suffering in the world, to which you make no argument against, how can the perm overcome the link>? on your theory you say that the neg can run alts that "promotes an actual alternative" what is an actual alternative and can you name one for me? On the zizek turn: how do i promote inaction when the alt is to "reject the affirmative and morality in general"? ASHTAR: you said my author's credential's are nothing the only card you read is from a blog aswell, so should the judges ignore you're evidence on ashtar as well? Also who determines the level of an author's credential's in a field of study, is it based on a popular vote system or does the merit of their work speak first? who is the former white hat operative, and how does he "know" ashtar is a "fraud"? you said CP kills education how do we kill education if we debate topics that you have never seen, as per your post? WIlderson what does a aff ballot for the perm mean and is the only perm, perm double bind? What specific proggressive response does building a freakin' carrier bring?
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