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  1. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid running Ks in the UIL, unless you know for certain the judge will buy it. Especially with the judges that UIL district turns out in Houston, I'd plan on running CP's and disads
  2. jeetay

    Debate Timer App

    Used PPHPP499HNNJ. Looks really good!
  3. If you're going to go to the UTNIF, I would recommend attending the skills lab, not sophomore select. I'm a sophomore now, and I believe that skills is better simply because you get extra practice (through two camp tournaments), but also because skills provides you with a diversity of lab leaders with two completely different ones during GRIPES. Skills is an excellent lab and gets you more experience debating than Sophomore Select does, in my personal opinion. PS: Austin is very hot during the summer, but it is still EXTREMELY enjoyable. It's a great town, so don't worry about the weather
  4. Verbatim is what you want if you want to export to speech docs. Why don't you "use" verbatim? It's an excellent template that provides macros to enhance debate speech docs and research.
  5. Common affs are Mexico TBA, Mexico H4A visas, Cuba Terror list, Maquiladoras, and a few others. Been to 4 tournaments, haven't even heard rumblings of Venezuela lol all those affs are terrible.
  6. What are your *PAIR A DIMES*? Pull out dimes for added effect.
  7. Darkly funny, yes.
  8. I have the UTNIF Foucault K from this year if you want it
  9. Yeah, you're right. I am just speaking from my viewpoint, because I don't consider it a person until the government even legally considers it a person. That's the one of the many reasons that I have no problem with abortion and I am very much Pro-Choice.
  10. I just personally believe that a group of lawmakers should not be allowed to control the population's ability to pursue such personal (and in many ways) necessary things such as abortion. Personal things like this or gay marriage or really anything that doesn't directly affect others shouldn't be illegal or even regulated by these egotistical bureaucrats.
  11. Which camp was that? Skills or topic?
  12. No. Cortez is going to UNT, Nick to VBI because he's switching to LD and only the freshmen are going to UT.
  13. Probably. Most of our team goes/went to UNT but with our new coach, most of us freshmen are going to UTNIF.
  14. Did you get a lot out of the experience?
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