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  1. I'm looking for a wilderson file, lots to trade. Pm me please
  2. What do you want for the schope stuff, it says you cant receive any more messages

  3. Its It says you can't receive any more messages
  4. I would like this as well. Plenty of cool stuff to trade. Pm me
  5. I'm trying to run a music alt for schopenhauer, but i cant seem to find the aesthetics cards. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm looking for some cards about Schopenhauer's views of aesthetics for a music alt. I have plenty to trade, PM me or comment if you have it.
  7. JDriggs

    Baudrillard File

    Looking for a baudrillard file. PM me, lots to trade
  8. If anyone still wants this i have one. PM me
  9. Yeah I have it. I was just wondering about the files
  10. Anyone know anything about utnifs
  11. Btw, I'm good with anything. Make sure there is a good link story and a role of the ballot.
  12. I have a 400 page framework file and a 400 page file w/ answers to kritiks. PM me for details.
  13. I can help if you want me to.
  14. Hudsonattar, i would like to help you in cutting blocks! Let me know if there's anything i can do.
  15. JDriggs

    Pik Vs K

    Like specifically alt then plan
  16. JDriggs

    Pik Vs K

    I was wondering. Would a floating pik give solvency to the perm?
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