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  1. It's in mid-July, but if you can make it work I really recommend Lewis and Clark. I've been there twice and it's only getting better each year.
  2. Senior you will miss most: Brian Yang
  3. I generally find defining being unethical as violating norms to be a bad way of phrasing it.
  4. if anything goes right we're hardly going to do any policy cuz we'll be out of oregon doing LD... but we don't know where the money is coming from so who knows :^)
  5. "sure wish my judge were cool enough for all this other shit im thinking about"
  6. tricks debater meme reasons mostly, but ilaw is a bit fresher than polls, it's run less often in my experience
  7. Oh shit sorry. I just naturally can't pick up on sarcasm, it kinda fucks with my life a lot.
  8. they're the two go-to tricks debater affs in LD
  9. The workload, from what i've heard, will vary quite a bit between schools depending on teammates/coaches, etc. but you can probably expect it to be more than circuit LD. Maybe watch some NDT rounds to get a feel for the differences and you can decide for yourself how far from college policy you are stylistically and such. Changes are if you can LARP okay you'll transition just fine. :^)
  10. one in which our dear robin williams is dead :/ rip
  11. a lil switch side is good too :^)
  12. Fair play. I'd just prefer that instead of making a particular metaethic or general moral system their values people keep them 'Morality' or 'Justice'. The reason for this for me is that keeping morality the value leaves things extremely open-ended on the framework debate, and even opens up the possibility for multiple metaethics in a single case. I feel as if always-already assuming morality and leaving the value open to something else forces it to be filled by something more monolithic. Without morality as the value, people would potentially have to value a single metaethic or something. Also leaving the value as morality and the standard a particular moral system seems to leave things similarly open-ended, allowing for more offense to function under that framework since it's an appeal to the entire system rather than a single tenet of it as it would be if the system were the value and something smaller within it were therefore the standard. I much prefer leaving things open ended like that because (a) it's closer to how the philosophy actually operates, i.e. considering multiple things within it and not just a particular part of it, as the standard exclusively would with the system as the value, but also ( it's easier to link turns to/come to a philosophical middle ground and focus on the contention level offense. Obviously just abandoning the concept of most cases needing a value *and* a standard would solve this as well, but that's uncomfortable for many.
  13. It depends on how you think about it/verbalize the interaction between the standard, value, and res in your head. Also, morality is almost always the value in progressive (TOC style) LD. Sometimes people value justice, but only for similar reasons as they would value morality. Also, even if any of the affs that this person hit with this case specifically had values other than morality, their standard probably functions as a side constraint on what can be done to maximize those values/keeping those values accessible, so there's no reason why it's such a horrible strategic choice to value morality, and it's especially not one that would prevent someone from competing at the level of the TOC.
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