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  1. havent seen many counterplans in the mix this year. any good funding, or process ones you guys know about?
  2. Alright I found the original thread, but thanks for all of your help!
  3. Well, I've already started cutting the evidence. I get the idea of it, for me, I just like being explained what the arg is in simple terms. That's just my learning style; the the perm card is BS, pretty lulzy though.
  4. Read through that already. Wondering if there is something new.That's all.
  5. Thinking about running this Cut up the 1AC arg soon. Wondering if anyone can give me a good and correct explanation on this -- have to tell me team about it as well. This involves the Burroughs evi, fyi. Any tips or potential args I will see would help too. Thanks.
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