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  1. Hi everyone. Update on this webapp. Added a few new features, so here's a list of everything it can do now: Add and delete individual cards; each card has a tagline and a body editable Add and delete turns. Each turn has an editable title (1AR, 1AC, etc.) Expandable both vertically and horizontally. Endless space for maximum paperless debate quickly go from one card to another with simple keystrokes local saving and loading of flows to save work and show to teammates for review later Features that are almost done and will be added shortly: Mark cards red to note that the card has been/must be dropped from the flow. Useful to note to the judge which cards the opponent did/did not address Draw lines to connect cards together to show a progression of thought. Connect 1 contention to its rebuttal, or connect a dropped card to a note you've made to mention that it has been dropped Lines can be toggled between 3 statesAll lines shown No lines shown Lines to and from the currently selected card shown Potentially added in the future: Saving flows to registered accounts, MAYBE (costs bandwidth, etc. I wouldn't do this unless I could tell that people were actually using it) Maybe add some debate tools, like an in-browser timer. As it stands, there is no standalone app for the desktop. If there is sparse internet at your tournament, or internet is not allowed, you can simply save a local copy of the webapp by pressing ctrl-s and saving the full webpage to some folder somewhere. Please let me know if you have any comments, requests, or issue to report. Thanks At the bottom is an example flow I did. I did LD in highschool so it's an LD flow, which also shows a variety of different cards such as values and value criterion.
  2. At face value, this seems like something to ask Microsoft for, not something I could implement. But that's at face value. This is what microsoft wants you to think! The solution to poor software on one platform is not to ditch the platform, but to develop cross-platform solutions! this is why I like developing webapps over native software, because I don't need to do much planning for cross-compatibility (other than between browsers)
  3. Hey all, I'm a web developer who enjoys making tools for practical things. I previously made a flowing webapp called debateflow.us I'm interested in making more tools for debate (I'm not too interested in doing debate myself anymore. high school was a long time ago for me now), but I'm a bit stuck. What aspect of debate is still very manual or slow or inconvenient that could be better solved with technology or some kind of web application? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  4. Combat whiteness? Like being white is inherently a crime? Ignoring the societal context of who's in power and who's not, "whiteness" is not synonymous with "oppression". You speak like you're in a fucking cult, dude. This is what debate does to people; convinces them that they are toxic and part of a problem, not that they are empowered to solve a problem. It's like AA for white guilt (you must accept that you have no power, and that black people will always be better than you, if you don't want to be racist). Find a better cause to affirm yourself in than reveling in other peoples' misery. No, debate can't spark any change, when you speak 3000 words per second, people write you off as a lunatic. Debate can only educate the people in debate of whatever issues you're talking about, but when you dogmatically repeat shit like "I am part of the problem; I must first accept that I encourage systemic violence", you're just screaming speed drills in an echo chamber that you don't have the sense to realize isn't real life and that nobody outside of the debate community gives a flying fuck what you're saying. Don't believe me? Look up speed drills on youtube. The ones that get covered on the news. Is anyone there in the comments discussing the resolution or the philosophy in this dude's K or how this debater is fighting racism? No, they're talking about how the kid is screaming like a goddamned lunatic. The only way debate can spark change is through education, an we're not educating ourselves if we just read some dude who says "white people are bad" and think "oh voting negative will solve for racism". No it fucking won't, debate can't solve shit. Let's be realistic: you want to effect social change? Study some kind of science. Which do you think did more for the people of the world: Judith Butler or the Smallpox Vaccine?
  5. I think that people are simply grasping at straws; they're trying to find sexism where it doesn't exist. I think they should be more worried about gang rapes in india and women being stoned to death for driving or going outside in Saudi Arabia. Disproportionate representation in a debate tournament is not "patriarchy"
  6. I remember a few years ago a debate coach was accused of racism because he threw a tub (empty, no evidence) at one of his students. The student was black (they had some sort of argument). Was this wrong? Yes, teachers (or faculty) should never assault student; teacher should be fired. but to call him racist is exploitative of the student. They're using the student's status as a black man to further their debate agenda (debate is racist, vote neg to reject racism). It's disgusting to be so exploitative of black students to win a goddamned extra-curricular activity. When I was in debate, there were literally 0 black kids on my team (my area was more diverse with Asian people than black people). The white kids ran racism saying that debate disenfranchises black students so they should vote neg. They were white! How are you enfranchising black students by voting for the team that, despite decrying the society that puts white subordinate to blacks, benefits exactly from their position as white kids by using their position as a negative? You vote for those white kids you're just enfranchising more white kids to exploit the disenfranchised status of minorities to win debates. You want to help black students? Stop stealing their trump card; run something normal.
  7. I haven't been involve in debate for like 3 years tbh so I didn't understand any of what you just said. I'm not talking about the societal implications of debate; I'm talking about the culture of debate. The only time you get complaints about this coach being sexist or racist or things like that is from policy teams. Why? Is it because policy coaches are more sexist than pf or ld coaches? No, it's because policy debaters project their cases onto real life; they can't see the disconnect between the round and real life. They're more prone to make these complaints because they want to see racism in the world. A policy race debater would hate a world without racism or sexism because they couldn't legitimize their victimization in round.
  8. I think policy debate culture is really bad, not any other events. People in PF and LD typically run more "normal" arguments and dont get involved in gender politics and stuff like that. As a result, everybody is a lot more level headed there and issues like gender discrimination and race stuff don't come up. The issues you hear about almost always come from policy debate.
  9. I've added new functionality to my flowing app! You may now notice two little boxes in the bottom right. One says save and the other is an upload window. To save your work for later use, click save. It will give you a textbox with HTML in it. Copy and paste this html into a file called "whateveryouwanttocallit".html Then, if you want to load this file later, click the file upload box, find the file, and click open, and it will be there for you to continue editing, or perhaps show off your marvelous 1NR to your friends! NOTE: I do NOT save your files. This is all hosted on github, a static page, which means I can only temporarily hold the data of your uploaded file until you refresh the window. I CANNOT BACK UP YOUR FLOWS FOR YOU. Save often.
  10. I've fixed it. I've also changed hosts, so if it's still broken at debateflow.us, try http://collinoswalt.github.io/debateflow/ It should switch over, but noip takes a little bit to do things.
  11. I'm getting the same problem the problem as well (I am developing on chrome). I'm busy with studying right now but once I knock out all my overdue work I'll work on this. Thanks for the bug report.
  12. I made a bunch of cases like that a while back, but you'd have to look through reddit.com/r/lincolndouglas to try to find them, since I have since deleted them. My favorite was pokemon, though
  13. There is no official rules in LD, only convention. I personally prefer to keep LD more orthodox and without plans and spreading and stuff like that because otherwise it just becomes Policy divided by 2 (half the people, half the time, half the arguments). I think LD should be all about values debate. If your value happens to be something like pragmatism or util, then by all means your evidence should be plan-based, but I think the real debate in LD lies not in the specific evidence behind the pragmatics of an argument and more about the philosophical groundwork for your argument. I also think spreading is dumb
  14. They already did this topic not that long ago. Anyways, I think, if you feel like doing orthodox LD, you can argue on the grounds of republicanism, that everybody is beholden before the law, not what the people perceived as injustice. The entire reason we have courts with juries of our peers is exactly so a small mob can't decide what the law is on a whim. Say that what the aff proposes is direct democracy, which leads to witch hunts and mobs deciding upon themselves that they get to decide and enforce the law, connect that to lynching of blacks who had sex with white women and were killed for it (I.e: To kill a mocking bird), and say aff needs to solve for racism
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