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  1. hi, could someone please explain to me how to write an aff? i'm super confused, and i lost all my camp notes on writing one. I want to write an aff either or natural gas or methane hydrates. Please help, any help would be great.
  2. page 2 understands (well what's on it so far) lol
  3. for this year some try to argue with a country that is in the resolution, others say that debate is a special platform and we should use it to discuss ___( insert whatever they want to discuss)_________. teams who run performance/kirtik type affs are ABSOLUTELY KILLER at framework. (most of the time) so sometimes it just hard to even go for framework or by the 2nr have that as an option. i don't run one myself so i'm probably not as good as explaining it as someone who does. i hope this helps though...
  4. whitney young (jeron and kat) (i can't remember their team code) they won glen brooks as well...
  5. hi, i'm a rising junior. i have been debating for 2 years in total now. i din't get a chance to go to camp last year and would love to go to camp this year. unfortunately i can't go to camp for more than about three weeks. i'm willing to put in a lot of effort outside of camp so i don't think that, me not going for more will be a HUGE deal. i would actually prefer if someone could help me pick a camp that's around 2 weeks because my parents are EXTREMELY wary of me going for more than that. even that seems almost impossible to get them to agree to. what are some good camps that i could go to that would be around that length? also, this year i went to two national tournaments but i plan on traveling a lot more next year if that helps. i'm also more policy oriented but i ran a lot of k's this year and i am fairly good at them. i can pick up new k's with not too much trouble. i live in the midwest area and would prefer a camp close by but if its a shorter camp far away that won't be an issue. hanks so much!
  6. we didn't read rape good... the affirmative was a disabilities aff and we ran general suffering, they should accept their suffering... the other team stood up and talked about how if people were raped they should not have to accept their suffering and you would never tell someone who was raped that they should...i was the 2nd but this was my partner's idea and i stood up and said that how everyone should accept their suffering including the disabled and abused and raped. it would help them move on in life. so we didn't bring up rape but they did so we kind of added it on. hi, i agree with you but i think you need to understand that what i debate about and the arguments i make are not my personal opinions. also this wasn't meant to be funny. i totally get how you might think i'm trolling or trying to make light of a super serious situation but i wasn't i was debating and it was my third tournament i had ever done and we ran this k. i also apologized after round if i had offended anyone. also i would like to point out how this is the WORST thing you've ever done not the best. it was a pretty tense round and i'm not proud of what i said and i again don't agree with that but it was in debate round and we went for the best option in the 2nr. most people don't agree with what they run but as of that day and today, while i do go for the suffering k i have never brought a topic like that ever again into a round. i felt the need to clarify myself and to explain the situation because not only you but a few other people were offended. thank you
  7. this might be because you made their aff as well as probably told alex to say something like that... that's a very you thing to do....
  8. sangel


    thanks so much for the answer and the link. i'm going to install it.
  9. hi, can someone please explain to me what verbatim is and how it effects my word. i am currently using just normal Microsoft word and it is completely awful for cutting cards. cutting cards takes way too long and for this reason i don't cut as many cards as i should. i was wondering what verbatim actually is and how useful it is. also can i still use the normal word for essays and such? thanks!
  10. I have to sometimes (read: most of the time) give standup 1ARs because my partner won't let me take prep or we took too much for the 2AC and this is probably the best lecture/notes about the 1AR i've ever read. Thanks so much! I absolutely needed this because for me the 1AR is the hardest speech
  11. i have a derrida k, i don't know if it's what your looking for though. 1st card reads- Rule-based ethics sacrifice justice – upholding your responsibility to one other always comes at the cost of the other others.Derrida 92 (Jacques, director of studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Gift of Death, p.67-69)
  12. hi, this is my 1st time creating an impact file, and i was wondering a few things. how exactly do i create a impact file, how do i do proper research for this kind of file, is there a place where i can find good impact cards, and what are some things that i should include? thanks!
  13. i'm trying to cut links for k's such as suffering. (that's the main one but any information in general would be helpful as well as anything specific to any other k's.) how exactly would i go about to accomplish this?
  14. i've just started going through a few videos, it's fantastic, thanks!!
  15. both would be great, i have no issue with spreading and i am able to understand it almost completely in high spread rounds but i am looking for arguments and just to be able to have a good idea on how to debate policy
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