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  1. I heard a good biopolitics at state, it was pretty generic though. Is there a particular critical aff that your hitting a lot?
  2. If their literally arguing that it wouldn't be approved then can't you fiat that It will be passed? As for theory Miro covered that. I was thinking about running an aff like this next year Hahaha this sounds as bad as my a2 T, I was reading my ballots after state this year and all the judge said was "you're to damn cocky to the other team"
  3. You could say that.. But to avoid existential inherency you'd be better off saying political gridlock in Washington doesn't allow the plan Here's a glimpse of my inherency press that would kill you if you used funding as inherency 1. Inherency isn’t money, lack of enforcement or manpower Donald Terry, 1997. “Modern Debate Case Techniques†If a problem can be solved by mechanisms already in the present system, then the problem isn’t inherent; it is not structural. If minor changes such as spending more money, or adding men to already existing programs will solve the problem, it again fails to meet the test of Inherency. 2. Existential Inherency is illegitimate & grants a Minor Repair .. etc.,
  4. I kind of thought this was a terrible idea..? So many people take cruse ships to Venezuela that ridership and solvency are not a problem. And we all know that a lack of luxury outweighs extinction, so significance arguments are definitely not a problem. But all joking aside how would you get any terminal impacts with this case and why do we need the plan, like what's so horribly wrong with cruise ships in the status quo? I really don't know much about the subject since I've only debated Transp infra Edit: Privatization CP? Seems like it would be a good argument for this, or biodiversity stuff linked to the ships maybe?
  5. Negotiate to bring Mexico into the Transpacific Partnership
  6. When there's a lay judge I run more real life DAs like political capital, spending, oil, and a ton of on case solvency. Only make sure all the DAs don't have huge terminal impacts. Then In the 2NC my partner reads probability over magnitude framework that basically says we are arguing real world issues and not over exaggerated extinction scenarios. So it says our impacts in round should be preferred because their impacts of extinction and whatever are exaggerated and unlikely. The lay judges love it here, although I wouldn't depend on it for anything else. I didn't even consider it at state.
  7. I think we have some old dusty paper a2 files but I've haven't seen it be used honesty so I don't ever have them on hand
  8. This may seem like an odd question but does anyone happen to have some Air traffic control solvency cards laying around? I'm not to concerned with what they're solving for, just make sure its not a nextgen card. Just ATC
  9. I saw a guy flow his rebuttal, while he was spreading it.. I would never recommend this.
  10. Hey lay of a bit I'm not the best, I see your point, thanks for the advice there. And I apologies for the aspec/T-vague misunderstanding I was taught they were pretty much the same thing.
  11. Yes I know aspec is the same as t-vague that's why one is in parenthesis.. Use the spending DA (that's obviously a generic position, and yes in my mind a time skew) to bring out the ground abuse due to the Aspec. Well if you read the link card: The success of transportation infrastructure depends on speed and efficiency because they are constituents of the modern war machine. The Aff’s emphasis on speed enables military violence. Virilio and Lotringer 83 And they use this "this isn't a logical link" argument, then your set.
  12. Not to mention, Doesn't ETT just scream virilio K ? Anything that travels that fast is asking for virilio
  13. I hit this Aff, its an easy win, just run A-spec (T-Vague), then read a bunch of turns on their advantages and maybe a Justification argument. Spending DA, econ turns and a Privitization CP work well too.
  14. Please change your Standard Neg.. just no Spending DA is practically a time skew so go ahead and run it but you probably wont win on it since everyone preps for it No trade-off das No cap K, not this late in the year, there are too many answers and turns that you don't want to deal with Heg bad? Dude run an imperialism K with heg as a link. Let me know if you need one. Dedev is cool but don't base your strategy on it Where is your OIl DA? Venezuela is in a unique position, they need a good economy right now to avoid terrorist attacks, and considering we get 30% of our oil from them you could write a new oil da that not many people have answers for.. hint hint Try running at 2-3 Ks every round because people generally suck at answering them.
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