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  1. Solax10

    cp vs antiblackness

    Yeah CP's are possible against K affs. A lot of teams in college read a single payer CP versus antiblackness teams. Its just a question of actors/methods. The biggest question is if you have a net benefit to the CP
  2. Solax10

    flowing and writing speech docs

    Maybe NDT-CEDA is a bit different from your highschool circuit but spending time flowing offcase position is just a waste of time as the 2A, the cards won't change and your 2AC shouldn't be attacking every single card they read on a DA that debating comes in the 1ar/2ar. Does your midterms answers change if you flowed the midterms DA?
  3. Solax10

    flowing and writing speech docs

    You should know the positions but as a 2A it is unfeasible to flow every card the 1NC reads and still have enough time to prep out responses to analytics and case arguments. Doing warrant comparison in the 2AC on case positions is ok but just doesn't make sense on offcase. The goal as the 2A is to get as many arguments on each flow as possible.
  4. Solax10

    flowing and writing speech docs

    I never said that the debate starts the instant other side reads a card, I said that in terms of offcase position the debate doesn't really start in till the 2AC because that is the first time you are actually answering the offcase. In terms of 2AC answers to offense you don't do a lot of card comparison in till the block/1ar.
  5. Solax10

    flowing and writing speech docs

    I am a 2A so I might do some things different if I was the 2N As the 2A ideally during pre-round prep I will have most of my 2AC done atleast in terms of offcase position but if not while they are reading off case positions I will start putting together my blocks/frontlines. Depending how fast I finish that I may peak ahead to the case cards and start trying to find cards on arguments I will need and then when they get to case I stop putting together cards and just strictly flow because they could easily have analytical arguments that aren't in the doc. If they read cards on case I usually use that time to follow along and try to write down responses and in cross-x I will finalize any arguments I need to write down or cards I need to put in the doc. In terms of flowing I only flow the 1NC's case arguments as the real debate on DA's/CP's/K's don't start in till the 2AC. Source: Give decent stand up 2AC's
  6. Solax10

    Who's going to win CEDA this year?

    That is correct, you are allowed 4 CEDA's and 4 NDT's
  7. Solax10

    Who's going to win CEDA this year?

    Meant to upvote sorry, also heres the link to the finals
  8. Solax10

    Who's going to win CEDA this year?

    8-1 for Rutgers MN (Aff)
  9. Solax10

    Policy Flow Neg Strat

    If it is super old policy going 6-7 off isn't probably the best strat. Most old school judges like possible one or two off with a bunch of case arguments. Even though I am not from 4a I was in a lay circuit our strat was always a DA and T with possibly a CP and a bunch of case arguments/case turns
  10. Solax10

    private coach needed!

    PM me and we can talk to see I am able to do it.
  11. I might be a little late on the 2nc because of finals and stuff Ill try to have it up soon.
  12. 1. Who deconstructs? 2.How do you know Churchill isn't indigenous? 3.What does the perm on T look like? 4.Does the U.S. still exist post deconstruction? 5. What is the warrant in Rich that says deconstruction is an example of the alt? 6.What is colonialism?
  13. 2 off then case 1nc V Debate.docx
  14. Two more questions 1.What does deconstruction look like? 2. What do you deconstruct?