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  1. cuz some ppl were reading it miscut as econ > other impacts
  2. idk i just remember it and i was looking for it
  3. Hey there was this card by someone called moregrast or something i don't know anyway it was talking about how under capitalism everything devolves to how much it is worth and it says that money becomes more important then human life because they only produce so much (or something like that)
  4. really? can u help me i've been looking for help with baudrillard in a long time
  5. i read sim + sim and found it hard to find a good warrant for just about anything, and no impacts either. he rants about hyperreality but no warrant/impact evident
  6. seriously wtf why do people down vote me for asking a simple question. you single minded pigs. all I'm doing is getting prep I'm not voicing an opinion or anything. take yourselves less seriously and get off your pedestal
  7. anyone have some carded reasons why debate isn't good for freeing the oppressed or whatever
  8. what's zizeks K of eco sustainability
  9. these cards have 0 warrants... and what's this silk 92 card?
  10. i meant eco imperialism bad, as a counter to environment advantages
  11. Does anyone have cards / cases about this? Also, does anyone have green power black death by driessen i can't find a full + free version anywhere
  12. tbh a LOT of baudrillard doesn't have good warrants, especially the ones on scribed
  13. What's itsnotworking ?
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