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  1. Holy shit this 1nc... every pseudo k hack's wet dream full of unintelligible contradictions that all say the same thing.
  2. What's the freire critical constructivism?
  3. Yeah, where can I find them? Do you have cites I could at least see?
  4. Or something along the lines of rejecting neoliberalism makes capitalism sustainable. There's a de angelis card that says it, but I can't find it. Cites or cards welcome, will trade if that's what you're into.
  5. Hello cross ex, my family and I will be taking a trip to the Chicago area in a couple of weeks. Being an up and coming debater on the national circuit, would it be possible to get a tour at one of the 'big' schools in Chicago yo see what their debate program is like? Thanks.
  6. When in doubt, read politics/executive order counterplan. Works against every k aff (trust me, i've won a ton of rounds on xo/ptx).
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