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  1. Lol I don't mean that in a negative way. It's in the middle passage aff I wrote lol. Just an observation.
  2. It seems Sexton 06 will be in every middle passage aff this year.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by this. Like Ks of death or just Ks of a variety of impacts, because idk if a file like that exists besides the common baudrillard file. If it does I would love to see it. Also pm me I have a file that has cards that K a few common impacts I'd be willing to trade for.
  4. glg1995


    This will come in handy http://en.bookfi.org/ if you're looking for books.
  5. Him is a her I believe.
  6. *dusts off anthro file*
  7. glg1995

    Developing Zones

    What's the impact to creating these certain zones? My point being, I don't think you have to distinctly put that your making a zone in you ptext but rather make it a solvency mech.
  8. glg1995

    Race K aff's

    baudrillard and framework.
  9. To get faster I would suggest the backwards drill, putting a word in between each word drill, and backwards with a word in between. For clarity, I would suggest over-annunciating, mouth stretching, and finding tongue twisters and saying them clearly
  10. Good luck on your future endeavors!
  11. General: Any of the Criticism have alts? If so status? Anthro: Do you truly believe the 1AC's intent was to harm animals? Any links to plan action, if so explain it form me? Bailey talks about comparing human suffering to animals, where does the 1AC do this? What separates an animal from a human? What rights do animals have in the Squo? Impact to anthro? What is collard talking about? T: Where does your definition imply that we have to be unilateral? When has the US ever started trading without a framework for trade? Why is derrick 98 read? Explain how we're effects, and how our instance of effects is abusive? What is the violation on T? What ground do you lose like name 5 args? Discourse: When have you ever had to defend offensive language that someone else has said? couldn't anything be tailored as "offensive language"? Why should we have to defend the word choice of someone else? What would you have ran if I did defend the evidence's discourse? Commodification: Impact to baudrillard? What does debate look like if everyone conformed to your criticism? How don't you commodify suffering of animals for the ballot? Case: How are we "fighting the system"? How do you suggest we stop the racist system of marijuana incarceration and the violence associated with marijuana prohibition? Where does wilderson make the claim that's in the tag? How does any of the state bad specifically apply to us? How do we specifically cause the impacts to your state bad argument?
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