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  1. Late but go to SDI before your sophomore year!
  2. i think this "discussion" was mainly problematic for a few reasons. first, why didnt these teams do it round 1, and not a round where both of them knew they wouldnt break? second, why did it take like 30 minutes for a woman or person of color to talk in this video? and why was this discussion group mainly comprised of white males with the exception of a few on video chat? why did they need someone to tell them to talk about the issue of minority participation in debate? and why did they keep making the incorrect, universalizing claim "debate is good, debate is good, debate is good"? especially when for many who are NOT totally included in the activity/are basically excluded on a structural level
  3. lol you dont need to read anything for such a substance-less K (not meant to be a shot i just dont think theres much depth to this arg- i guess it can be strategic tho)
  4. try reading Irigaray- its pretty complex and requires some background in gender studies as well as (sorta) psychoanalysis but her arguments on the masculine economy are some of the most nuanced
  5. yeah this doesn't really exist in a coherent sense- the only way that it might is that they both share the theory of inherent transgression but their reasoning for why it's true is totally different (zizek says split in the superego compels desire to transgress and obey the law simultaneously, while baudrillard uses his theories of power to explain it) so just stick with one or the other and zizek is a lot better than baudrillard for that stuff
  6. this is a very good, albeit simplistic K- i think the strongest part of it is the floating pik argument, (also) in the words of spurlock "its not what you do, but how you do it"... dont read it for this year's topic though, i agree with ktg that the links are weak. i DO think that the Dark Mountain card is super good for any sort of "human progress" link and can also go along really well with an ecomanagerialism k.
  7. judge choice beats reps ks that only take out one advantage
  8. psychoanalysis of what? there isnt just one "psychoanalysis k", there are tons of args from psychosecurity to Zizek's ks of ecological sustainability
  9. find a card saying normal means is quiet diplomacy, and make the rhetoric v. reality distinction.
  10. just came across this, and i think while it's true that we need to be sure that we keep identity autonomous and not a tool for winning a ballot, but i think you can advocate for others without assuming the Other's identity. my partner and I won jv state running a q theory aff and while neither of us identify as LGBTQ, we think that it's still acceptable and possible to advocate for them while not eroding their autonomy... maybe i'm taking your argument out of context but yeah.
  11. okay, this should go without saying, but when someone asks for a file it's not an invitation for what the community thinks about it. I wasn't even planning on running it, it's a team joke, but i wanted a file. i've been successful enough this year and i'm not a fucking idiot, so please keep your opinions to yourself.
  12. looking for this, or plagiarism pic, or whatever its called. pm me, thanks
  13. What? Either the aff is QPQ in which case it's obviously not competitve because the CP would hafta be double conditions OR it wasn't which means the aff isn't T... that's silly. Aditionally, Perm do CP ground is definitely not a reason conditions CPs are bad. Here's how affs work- if it doesnt lift Cuba embargo, it's solved by Intl Actor If it does, the PIC solves even if there isnt a specific solvency advocate because i think the net benefit is functionally a reason why the CP is a good idea, checks any offensive reason why CPs need a solvency advocate. PICS are bad but if you defend embargo its the only CP that solves your aff which means its justified
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