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  1. I'm pretty sure OU had it taken down because they didn't want people to see how rude they were during RFDs
  2. The website for their debate team says that you can still go to tournaments even if you're not in the class...
  3. I think that it is a bit unfair to discount all of critical theory. Obviously analytical philosophers and continental philosophers have different styles, and there's quite a divide between them. Most people realize that critical theory isn't philosophy, and when I read it, I don't say that I'm reading philosophy. I think it would be best to accept critical theory as what it is- theory. It's not as clear or precise as analytic philosophy, but the main difference is that the goal isn't to find the truth in theory (I think was the blogger's point), like in philosophy. I'll admit that there are a ton of continental philosophers who can't explain themselves (ie Zizek), but people like that give the field a bad name. The way to look at is as a combination of many fields.
  4. I probably won't run it but i'd still like to have a file- pm me
  5. 1offK

    Squad Evidence

    Well i've noticed a lot of people say that they want to keep Ks out of hands of novices. I'm not sure about you guys, but on my team, no newbies want to run Ks at all. They've never asked for one, and the ones we do provide (ie cap) aren't used in rounds. Who are these novices who steal complicated Ks and run them?
  6. Have a great one,lots of good/recent evidence, pm me
  7. So what are the basic premises here/ good arguments against it. How does fiat tie in? In the context of a politics DA
  8. So maybe this is my imagination...but i just got glasses for the first time, and when i did speed drills with them on, i felt slower. Is this just me? has anyone else noticed talking faster without glasses on than with? My state tourny is soon, what should i do?
  9. 1offK

    Elitism K

    Is there a K of elitism? Is that just the same as ivory tower? Like that the aff doesnt engage people outside of the academic sphere
  10. I wasnt really asking about NBs, more about specific DAs to court action and XO action. But your politics DA based on focus instead of influence sounds cool. Do you think you can send me a few sample pages of a focus DA? I guess its nice because it avoids winners win, logical policy maker, and all of those annoying arguments
  11. So what are some good DAs specific to executive order and court plans/counterplans. All that I know of is the democracy DA. It seems like there should be more, considering how often Aspec teams complain that they have no ground. Anyone know of/have any DAs or PICs specific to courts or XOs?
  12. Ok, so i have another choice for you. It may or may not be allowed, depending on your circut and/or judges. But sometimes, it doesnt matter when each person gives their speech, as long as each person gives two speeches. So for the aff, your partner could give the 1AC and the 2AR, with you giving the other two. And on neg, your partner could either be 1N, or give the 1NC and 2NR. Some teams have done this, but it may take some time to adjust to
  13. value to life- just admit its subjective bro
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