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  1. *checks to see what NDCA files are named.* "privatization counterplan" DA S***. MIND.BLOWN. ...sorry.....just thought there might be at least one person that may have called it privates cp. guess not.
  2. hmm, yeah i agree....but what abt like FDI cps?
  3. would there be any international cps that would work? cuase idk.........why would the US HAVE. to be the ones that fund .......pretty much anything? sorry....im stupid...but...yeah.
  4. i mean.....better than just spending da right? ..........not mcuh better though.
  5. How many times have you ran it? maybe you should ask some of the kids in ur squad who run it...im sure someone in ur squad *cough yangy cough* would know. XD
  6. 2 girls running fem k. eh he he he he O_O
  7. to actually help, i have this same trouble myself T_T, i really have to catch up over the summer, but what i recommend is that you wont really hit this problem as often if you have really great 2AC blocks that you know will answer the whole DA/CP/K they are reading in the 1NC and just send those over during CX and if you hear args that you actually have to prep for, you mark the flow and prep, and later when you have the chance (which probably wont be after your 2AC and the neg is taking prep or during CX) you can copy ur partner's flow or he fills it out for u
  8. well actually, people flow in LD also. Even though this post is probably about policy because you wouldnt have a partner in LD.... =_=a but I heard LD flowing was notoriously bad. sorriez...if i dissed you ld ppls
  9. thanks a lot! but can i know when you went to SNFI? cause ive heard they changed a lot.
  10. Im a sophomore that really needs a rigorous camp to pick up the pace, and Im willing to work hard at the camp and not play tetris the whole time. so, if my options were only SNFI or UNT, which would you guys recommend? No one from my school attended SNFI yet and I heard some mixed reviews about UNT, so pretty much I wanted to hear about SNFI from people that recently attended, and this is going to be my first debate camp because i couldnt attend last year. Which would provide a better environment to improve? and sorry for posting here and the novice center. I posted over there by accident.
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